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How to Study in the UK Without IELTS in 2022?

Harsh Ranjan      November 24, 2022

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Moving and relocating to a new country can be a huge life-changing decision – getting accustomed to a new language and a new culture and trying to secure a job in the new country. 


To overcome these barriers to working or studying in new countries, companies that hire employees from different countries or universities that recruit international students usually ask them to sit for language proficiency tests. These tests judge whether you would be able to speak the nation's language, you will be working or studying in and to help you get by. These language proficiency tests also come in handy when applying for a work or student visa for that country. 


Why is the IELTS exam not mandatory?


In the UK, the IELTS is the exam of choice to apply for any visa to be eligible to work and study. The International English Language Testing System is a standardized test used to assess the parameters of the applicant’s language skills in English. 


Employers in the UK and universities ask prospective applicants to provide an IELTS test score. This, however, is not always the case. Certain circumstances allow you to obtain a UK visa without giving the IELTS exam. 


This is not exactly a way to bypass the test system. Still, the option is to sit for language proficiency tests other than the IELTS, such as the TOEFL, Cambridge English Proficiency Test, or the Trinity College London Integrated Skills in English Test. Not exactly what you might have in mind. But an option worth considering. 



How can you pass the Visa process without giving IELTS exam?


You could also apply for a UK student visa provided you can prove to your university or employer that you are already fluent in English if the medium of teaching in your school or university was English. For example, most schools across India teach in English now. Depending on your university or employer’s requirements, you could get a visa to study or work in the UK without giving any kind of test such as the IELTS. 


Suppose you have studied or pursued a degree from a recognized college or university in English. In that case, English as a subject, you can easily apply for a student visa and get exempted from sitting for the IELTS exam in the United Kingdom. 


Universities you can apply for without giving an IELTS exam


If you were under the impression that all universities in the United Kingdom require you to prove your proficiency in English, then let your mind be blown. Many universities across the UK do not require international applicants to appear for the IELTS or any other language proficiency tests. For example, universities such as the University of Essex, University of Central Lancashire, University of Greenwich, Swansea University, and more do not require IELTS exam scores. Instead, such universities may judge you through other mediums such as online interviews. Then, with the offer letter that they provide, you could apply for a visa to study in UK on scholarship


Once you have studied in the UK and gotten a degree from a recognized university, you need not provide your proficiency to your employer. However, persons looking to work in the UK and not having a degree can also apply for work visas without the IELTS exam, where the employer may assess you through other mediums. 




With that being said, nothing should deter you from aspiring to live your life as a student or a professional in the UK – not even the IELTS exam. For further information, you could check out universities you might be interested in to know more, or even look for more details into how to get without IELTS UK student visa by consulting professional consultants.

Harsh Ranjan
Harsh Ranjan

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