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Nursing in the UK

Harsh Ranjan      January 04, 2022


BSc Nursing in the United Kingdom is a three-year vocational program with a beginning salary ranging from GBP 22,000 to 30,112 for trainees. With 2-5 years of experience, you might earn 36% more than your original drawings. According to a survey conducted by NHS Health Education England, around 94 percent of BSc Nursing graduates find work within six months of completing the program.

  • After graduation, you can work in the UK or pursue a master's degree in the same subject from a renowned university in the UK or another country.
  • To be eligible to practice in the country as an international student, you must finish the overseas nursing program.
  • According to the QS Rankings for 2020, the University of Manchester, Kings College London, and the University of Edinburgh are among the finest colleges in the UK for BSc Nursing.

If you are a UK resident, you can apply for financial assistance of up to GBP 8,000 every academic year. Furthermore, you may be qualified for financial aid through NHS Bursaries, depending on your credentials. To support their education, international students may have to rely on private and institutional scholarship programs, as well as loans.


Why study this subject?

Nurses are described as "angels on earth" because they come into intimate contact with the sick and strive to alleviate their sufferings using current procedures and techniques. One of the most popular degrees to pursue in the UK is BSc Nursing. Let us go through some of the reasons why you should pursue this course in the UK:

  • The United Kingdom is a world leader in medical sciences and related fields. According to a study, 22,045 international students chose topics related to medicine in the United Kingdom.
  • In the United Kingdom, in 2019, there will be 661,000 nurses. This figure is an increase above the previous year's total of 534,000. As a result, nursing students have increased significantly since then.

Working with the NHS (National Health Service) in the United Kingdom ensures the benefits listed below.:

  • Long-term contract.
  • 27 paid holidays.
  • GBP 22,128 is a good starting pay.
  • Paid training.
  • 37.5 hours per week of set regular work hours
  • A pension ranges from 7.1 to 9.3 per cent of your pay.

Graduates of the University of Manchester's BSc Nursing program are also registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council. Membership in this council will provide further training in cardiac nursing, infection control, theatre and recovery, and multiple sclerosis.

Universities in the United Kingdom will enable you to work 20 hours per week during your studies and full-time during public vacations. This coverage will assist you in gaining experience while also covering some of your expenditures.

The United Kingdom also provides opportunities for training in a range of clinical and medical fields and other disciplines. This enables you to obtain an internship and full-time employment upon completion of the course.

In addition, there has been a significant increase in the need for nurses in the United Kingdom in recent years. According to government statistics from November 2019, there are 44,000 openings. So, if you are talented and have studied nursing in the UK, you may be able to find rewarding work here.


Career prospects:

Nursing education in the UK will pave the path for a highly satisfying career both in the UK and in other countries. However, several Nursing career opportunities in the UK must be considered before considering other countries. After completing a Nursing degree, you will have various opportunities to work in healthcare where your services will be required.

A registered nurse plays critical functions in a variety of areas of healthcare. Accordingly, some of the job options in the UK for nursing professionals to develop a successful career are,

  • Children’s nurse
  • Health visitor
  • Health play specialist
  • Mental health nurse
  • Midwife
  • High-intensity therapist
  • Physician associate
  • Paramedic
  • Adult nurse
  • Learning disability nurse

The changes listed above are some of the potential prospects for overseas students who have graduated in the United Kingdom and are looking for Nursing careers.


Cost of the Program (average) and Average cost of living:

Tuition is £9,250 for the academic year 2021. Tuition costs are reviewed by the University each year. The current assumption is that the University will raise tuition for each year of study by the inflation rate set by Parliament. This is most likely the Retail Price Index (RPIX)*, which measures inflation. This implies that your tuition will climb in lockstep with inflation for each year of study. Student loan interest rates are also likely to rise by the fee cap to keep higher education accessible for all.

The cost of education in the United Kingdom is high since the country delivers high-quality education at all levels. In the United Kingdom, the cost of Biomedical Engineering is divided into two categories: domestic students and international students. Course fees may fluctuate between international and domestic students. So, whether you are a domestic or overseas student, you should be informed of the Biomedical Engineering course price UK.



It is not inexpensive to study abroad. Overseas students will now benefit greatly from a scholarship or financial help. Top colleges in the United Kingdom provide scholarships to overseas students. Let's have a look at some of them:

Apart from scholarships, student loans to study in the UK can play a significant role in easing financial stress.


Scholarships & Aid

Amount (in GBP)

University of Manchester

International Excellence Scholarships


University of Glasgow

Ann Hart Buchanan Student Scholarship

a third of the tuition expenses, up to a maximum of GBP 600

Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship

5,000 GBP per year

Humanitarian Scholarships

Tuition is paid in full, with a stipend of GBP 5,000.

Queen’s University Belfast

International Office Undergraduate Scholarships 

2,500 – 3,000

Vice-Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship

Tuition for up to four years

Queen’s Loyalty Scholarship

Tuition costs will be reduced by 20%.

King’s College, London

Perseverance Trust Undergraduate Scholarship

the price is $7,500

Sanctuary Scholarships

12,010 GBP per year


Top Universities Offering this program:

Find information about the top ten ranked Nursing and Midwifery universities in the Guardian University Guide 2022 below to discover more about the finest Nursing degrees in the UK:

  1. University of Edinburgh
  2. University of Liverpool
  3. University of Glasgow
  4. Manchester Metropolitan University
  5. Cardiff University
  6. Kingston University London
  7. University of York
  8. University of Northampton
  9. Swansea University
  10. University of Sheffield



Nursing is a very competitive field of study. It is critical to demonstrate academic competence and the necessary mentality to apply for such a demanding position. Students must have strong numeracy and literacy abilities, be excellent communicators, and work as part of a team under pressure.

  • Requirements for the International Baccalaureate: 30 points.
  • Typical A-levels need ABB.
  • Typical IELTS requirements: 7.0 overall, with no component scoring lower than 6.0.


Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students

To study nursing in the UK, Indian students need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • 10th and 12th class pass with a good score
  • Updated resume
  • Passport-size photos
  • Valid passport


Tier4 UK Student VISA

To apply for a UK student visa, check the documents listed below for a seamless process.

  • letter of acceptance from the university you have been accepted to (CAS)
  • Proof of funds.
  • A valid passport and recent photographs.
  • Details of your university and accommodation.
  • Report of your health checkup
  • A valid passport. (keep a page blank for the visa)
  • Original mark sheets/transcripts

After collecting all the documents, Follow the steps below to apply for a UK student’s Visa.

  • Sign up and submit your visa application form online. It is advisable to check the online appointment calendar to book an appointment. After submission, you will get an email with an application number.
  • After receiving the email, Pay the fees, and collect the receipt.
  • Now appear for the visa interview as per the scheduled appointment and submit the necessary biometrics, photograph, application, and other documents.
  • You will get your tier 4 student visa in 6 weeks time.

Zoom Abroad is a great platform that can help you find the best Nursing program for you in the UK. Register here and create your profile today to get matched with the best-fit Nursing programs offered by the top UK universities. Book a 30 mins FREE consultation with an expert advisor today. Other than Nursing there are a variety of STEM courses available in the UK. You can choose from Engineering, Medicine and, even specializations within each like Marketing, International Business, Pr & Journalism, Bio-engineering, bio-informatics, civil engineering etc. to figure out which one is the most suitable based on your profile and long term goals.


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