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Interior Design in the UK

Saumya Singh      March 29, 2023

Masters in Interior Design in the United Kingdom is a program that prepares students to work as trained and qualified professionals in the building and engineering industries. Interior Design Masters in the United Kingdom provides students with a comprehensive grasp and knowledge of interior design management.


MSc Interior Design UK graduates play an important role in project design and building industry management. MSc Interior Design in the United Kingdom is aimed at generating specialists with a thorough awareness of the many methods for designing and implementing their ideas. Interior designers from UK colleges will be more concerned with the client's vision than with the project's structural aspects.


Since there is a steady expansion in the development of apartments, workspaces, and institutions, an MSc in Interior Design in the United Kingdom is always in demand. Interior design is expected to expand at a rate of around 29% in the UK during the next ten years. It is anticipated to cost 106 billion euros in the future years.


While studying interior design in the UK, you can anticipate intricate design details entwined with an alluring culture. International students favour the United Kingdom as a study abroad location because of its opportunities for academically enriching experiences and stunning architectural settings. According to the QS World University Rankings, 2023, thirty UK institutions are among the top 230 Art & Design universities worldwide.


The UK is well known for providing both short courses and degrees in the field of interior design. This blog discusses everything you need to know about earning a degree in this area, including UK interior design courses, the top universities, entrance requirements, and more. Let's start!

Interior Design in the UK: An Overview

Interior design courses in UK include both bachelors and masters study level programs. Some of the best universities for interior design in UK offer international students with world-class education. Apart from this, international students can also get hold of easily available job opportunities after pursuing an interior design degree in UK.

The UK offers programmes at the bachelor's and master's study levels in interior design. The best universities in the UK for interior design provide top-notch instruction to international students. In addition, foreign students who pursue an interior design degree in the UK can easily find employment opportunities.

Let's look at an overview of interior design study options in the UK:

Popular Courses

MDes Interior Design

MA Interior Design

BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design

BA (Hons) Design

English Proficiency


Average tuition fee for international students

Bachelors: £11,871 - £23,742

Masters: £16,619 - £28,491

Additional Requirements

Portfolios and Interviews

Best Interior Design Programs in the UK

Popular art and design schools offer countless interior design courses in the UK at various academic levels. Students are trained in all of the courses to be the best in the interior design field. The duration of interior design bachelor's programmes is typically 3–4 years, while master's programmes typically last 1-2 years. Numerous UK interior design universities also provide certificate programmes and short courses to foreign students.

The popular UK interior design courses that are most popular with international students are listed below.


Best Universities

MA Interior Design

Royal College of Art

MA Interior and Spatial Design

University of Arts London

MDes Design

Oxford University

BA Design

Glasgow School of Design

Goldsmiths, University of London

BA (Hons) Interior Design

University of Arts London

Goldsmiths, University of London

BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design

University of Arts London

Architectural and interdisciplinary studies

London College of Art

Why choose to study interior design in the UK?

Interior design in the United Kingdom will provide you with the most in-demand talents that any business is looking for in professionals. MSc in Interior Design in the United Kingdom will improve students' abilities to express their ideas.

International students who pursue an MSc in Interior Design in the United Kingdom are well-served, as they have the possibility to work for some of the best-paying global construction corporations in various parts of the United Kingdom and even around the world. Interior design has an increasingly expanding value in the United Kingdom, with incentives that go beyond regular degrees. Interior design is a broad subject of study that includes disciplines such as planning and drafting, color theory, interior lighting, company planning and management, and home display. As a result, the scope of interior design in the United Kingdom is quite broad. Interior Design in the United Kingdom for Indian Students will require students to work on individual projects that will require them to work in any challenging situation. They will be able to contribute analytically and empirically to the fieldwork by studying interior design in the United Kingdom.


Career Prospects 

Interior designers with a Master in Interior Design find fantastic career options in the United Kingdom. After completing an MSc in Interior Design, job prospects in the UK include contractor, client, and consultancy organizations, as well as management and research. Graduates work in fields such as interior and spatial design, exhibition design, production design, and visual merchandiser after completing school. They can also work as an interior designer or architect for international corporations. Working as a product designer, graphic designer, or architectural technologist are all possible career paths after Interior Design in the United Kingdom.


Top Universities offering interior design

Universities in the United Kingdom that offer Masters in Interior Design programs provide individualized examination facilities. They provide students with the latest standard Interior Design software to use. Residential field trips are frequently organized by colleges to provide students with the necessary experience. Seminars and guest lectures are held for students at universities. They even get to go to building sites and work on initiatives connected to the industry. The following are the universities that offer master's degrees in interior design in the United Kingdom:


  • Royal College of Art
  • University of Arts London
  • Glasgow School of Arts
  • Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Loughborough University

Let's talk about the top 5 interior design universities in the UK and their interior design college rankings.

1. Royal College of Art

Not only is the Royal College of Art regarded as one of the top universities in the UK for interior design, but it also takes the top spot globally in the QS University Rankings for Art and Design 2023. The college offers only graduate-level coursework and is renowned for providing the best interior design programme in the UK, the MA in Interior Design.

QS University Ranking for Art and Design 2023


Average Tuition Fees

£13,000 - £14,200

Programs Offered

MA Architecture, MA Interior Design, MA Spatial Design

2. University of the Arts London

One of the top universities for interior design in the UK is University of the Arts. It provides the top courses in interior design, photography, and performing arts. The BA (Hons) in Interior Design is one of this university's most well-known courses.

QS University Ranking for Art and Design 2023


Average Tuition Fees

£13,681 - £22,014

Programs Offered

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, MA Industrial Design, MA Fashion Artefact

3. Glasgow School of Art

One of the top universities in the UK for interior design is Glasgow School of Art, which provides both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Even short courses are available to international students at the university. Most of the top employers in the UK accept the majority of the courses that the School of Art offers.

QS University Ranking for Art and Design 2023


Average Tuition Fees

£18,960 -£25,882

Programs Offered

BA (Hons) Interior Design, BArch, BA (Hons) Communication Design

4. Goldsmiths, University of London

Because of its location and opportunities for academically enlightening experiences, Goldsmiths, University of London, known for providing the best BA (Hons) Design, is quite well known among the international population. At Goldsmiths, international students can acquire a lot of practical experience.

QS University Ranking for Art and Design 2023


Average Tuition Fees


Programs Offered

BA (Hons) Design, MA Design, International Foundation Certificate in Design

5. Loughborough University

When it comes to providing employers with design graduates who are the most employable, Loughborough University's design programme has been ranked first. The BA (Hons) Design degree, one of the most sought-after degrees offered at Loughborough University, acclimates students with field projects and numerous hands-on learning opportunities. So you can start your education by selecting one of these UK interior design universities!

QS University Ranking for Art and Design 2023


Average Tuition Fees

£25,248 - £33,419

Programs Offered

BA (Hons) Design, BA (Hons) Fine Arts, BEng (Hons) Product Design Engineering

Let us now take a look at the admission requirements for pursuing Interior design course in UK!


Studying in UK universities can be financially draining. However, the 20% international student population, studying in the country, is provided with some of the other financial support in the form of scholarships, student loans etc.

Scholarships for Masters in Interior Design in the United Kingdom are available for students pursuing their Masters in Interior Design in the United Kingdom; however, these Scholarships for MSc in Interior Design in the United Kingdom are awarded only to the most deserving and distinguished students. Scholarships for Interior Design are available at the following universities in the United Kingdom:

  • University of Lincoln - Lincoln Alumni MSc Social Work Scholarship, India Scholarship, Global Postgraduate Scholarship. 
  • The University of Brighton - International scholarships
  • Manchester Metropolitan University - Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarships, International Postgraduate Scholarships.

Tier4 UK Student VISA 

To apply for a UK student visa, check the documents listed below for a seamless process.

  • letter of acceptance from the university you have been accepted to (CAS)
  • Proof of funds.
  • A valid passport and recent photographs.
  • Details of your university and accommodation.
  • Report of your health checkup
  • A valid passport. (keep a page blank for the visa)
  • Original mark sheets/transcripts 

After collecting all the documents, Follow the steps below to apply for a UK student’s Visa.

  • Sign up and submit your visa application form online. It is advisable to check the online appointment calendar to book an appointment. After submission, you will get an email with an application number.
  • After receiving the email, Pay the fees, and collect the receipt.
  • Now appear for the visa interview as per the scheduled appointment and submit the necessary biometrics, photograph, application, and other documents.
  • You will get your tier 4 student visa in 6 weeks time.

Eligibility and Requirements to Study Interior Design in UK

Eligibility criteria

A minimum second-class honours degree in engineering or an upper second-class honours degree in Interior Design or a comparable diploma study is the main entry requirement for Interior Design in the United Kingdom. Masters in Interior Design Requirements UK might also be considered for students with significant professional experience and evidence of academic aptitude. In order to graduate with a master's degree in interior design in the United Kingdom, students must achieve a 60% pass rate.


Each year, the criteria for an MSc in Interior Design in the United Kingdom vary, so contact our team of experts for the most up-to-date information. The minimum English Language Requirements for MSc in Interior Design in the United Kingdom are an IELTS score of 6.0, a TOEFL score of 79, and a PTE score of 53. For Masters in Interior Design in the United Kingdom, certain universities have specified band scores for English Language Requirements. Depending on the university, the minimum score may fluctuate.


However, there are a few prerequisites that apply to all interior design universities in the UK if you want to pursue a degree in interior design there. If you have good grades and, more importantly, the capacity to live and pursue a career in interior design, getting into a prestigious interior design university in the UK is very likely.


On a case-by-case basis, there is a slight possibility that some interior design universities in the UK will ask students for requirements that are slightly different and additional.

Following are the requirements for admission to an interior design college in the UK:

  • High school transcripts
  • Bachelor's degree (for PG courses)
  • English language proficiency score
  • Additional requirements (portfolios, interviews, work experience)

1. High School Transcripts

Transcripts from high school, with a minimum grade point average of 60%, are required for admission to both undergraduate and graduate programmes in interior design. Transcripts that have been legally translated into English must be submitted by international students.

2. Bachelor's Degree

Students who want to apply for master's programmes must present a bachelor's degree in a field related to design. Some universities will also accept other bachelor's degrees if the students have studied the necessary subjects.

3. English Language Proficiency

The majority of the best interior design universities in the UK require international applicants to have an IELTS score of 6.0 with no band lower than 5.5. You may also submit your TOEFL, CAE, CPE, and PTE test results.

4. Additional Requirements

Top universities in the UK also ask for additional requirements like portfolios (10–20 pages) and interviews for interior design students. Additionally, work experience is crucial for students planning to enrol in interior design master's programmes.

Now that you are aware of the requirements let us take a quick look at the cost of studying Interior design in UK for international students.

Cost of studying interior design in the UK

The cost of Interior Design in the United Kingdom varies based on whether or not the student is a national. Interior Design course fees in the United Kingdom are £13,000 for in-state students and £28,000 for out-of-state students. Interior Design in the United Kingdom The cost may vary from university to university depending on the practical and theoretical classes offered. The cost of a Masters in Interior Design in the United Kingdom varies depending on whether the student is taking the course full-time or part-time. When calculating the MSc in Interior Design in the UK cost, students must account for other expenses such as living, food, the library, the laboratory, medication, and sports.


Each course that you might be interested in taking in interior design in the UK has a different cost of attendance. It can also be divided into the cost of living, which includes living expenses in the UK and the price of attending a UK university to pursue a degree in interior design.


Here is a quick look at the typical tuition fee range for interior design degrees from most universities.


Degree Type

Average Annual Tuition Fees

Bachelors Degree

£11,871 - £23,742

Masters Degree

£16,619 - £28,491

Even though the cost of the education may seem high, the employment prospects in the field make it totally worthwhile. Check out a few!

Future Prospects after Studying Interior Design in UK

After graduating, many UK interior design universities offer placement opportunities to international students. You'll have a wide range of opportunities in the UK for interior design to start. Interior design is a complex process that necessitates intricate expertise at every stage.


Some universities in the UK also provide placement programmes, as part of which students are given additional information about the field in order to find employment quickly. After graduating from top UK universities, students can expect to make an average salary of £18,000 to £75,000.

Some top recruiters in the field of interior design are:


  • Norman Foster and Partners
  • Orange and Uniter Designers
  • Muji
  • Bill Dunster Architects

Let us now look at some of the top-paying job profiles in the field of interior design.


Average Annual Salary

Interior designer


Kitchen designer




Architectural designer


Design manager


Frequently Asked Questions about Interior Design Degree UK

Ques 1. Which UK institutions offer the best programmes in interior design?

Ans. The top interior design universities in UK are:

  • Royal College of Art London
  • University of Arts London
  • Glasgow School of Arts

Ques 2. What is the cost of a BA (Hons) in Interior Design?

Ans. BA (Hons) in Interior Design costs around £10,000 to £20,000 on average for international students.

Ques 3. Is it easy to get a job after pursuing an interior design course UK?

Ans. Yes. A placement drive offers interior design graduates an average salary of £28,000.

Ques 4. What is the most popular undergraduate course in interior design?

Ans. The BA (Hons) in Interior Design is the most popular undergraduate course.

Ques 5. What professions are available in the UK after interior design?

Ans. Following their interior design classes, students can pursue careers in:

  • Architects
  • Architectural technologists
  • Estates managers
  • Furniture designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Product designers
  • Stylists
  • Textile designers

Finding the ideal Interior Design program in the UK is made easier with the help of Zoom Abroad, a great resource. To be matched with the most suitable programs offered by the best UK universities, register here and create your profile right away. Call today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a knowledgeable advisor. There are additional courses offered in the Fine Arts field besides interior design. You can also look into the range of STEM programs offered in the UK in addition to those mentioned above. Select the field that best fits your profile and long-term objectives from among engineering, medicine, MBA, and even specializations within MBA like marketing, international business, public relations, and supply chain management.


If you're interested in studying interior design in the UK, you can expect to find a wide range of job opportunities, lavish design settings, and enjoyable experiences there. The UK is unquestionably the place for you if you want to experience student life in one of the best study-abroad locations in the world.


With so many intricate steps in a study abroad journey, anyone can get stuck and confused. If you, too, wish to take end-to-end guidance on any study abroad requirement, connect with our study abroad partners today!  Zoom Abroad is a great platform that can help you find the best Interior Design program for you in the UK. Register here and create your profile today to get matched with the best-fit programs offered by the top UK universities. Book a 30 mins FREE consultation with an expert advisor today. Other than Interior Design there are other programs in the Fine Arts domain. Apart from that you can also explore a variety of STEM courses available in the UK. You can choose from EngineeringMedicineMBA and even specializations within MBA like Marketing, International Business, Pr & Journalism, Supply Chain Management to figure out which one is the most suitable based on your profile and long term goals.

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