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Business Management  

Project Management Programs in the UK

Harsh Ranjan      December 02, 2021

Do you want to work in project management but aren't sure if a business administration degree is necessary? You'll learn about several career paths, pay, job development, and more in this degree guide.


Why study this subject?

Through cooperation, debate, and peer evaluation, the course will stimulate innovative thinking as well as the development of leadership and management abilities. You'll grow your talents to the point where you'll be a highly proficient manager capable of managing significant projects both within and across organizations.

Job prospects are expected to keep up with the fast advances in project management techniques and smart technologies, so there will be a continuing demand for proficient, versatile recent graduates who can plan and develop creative solutions for industry, furthermore to more academic research opportunities.

Obtaining a project management certification has several advantages, including:

  1. Enhanced job prospects
  2. More lucrative wages
  3. Increased productivity and efficiency due to global acknowledgement of your abilities
  4. Your company will benefit from more successful and well-executed initiatives.


Career prospects:

Project Management students will get the opportunity to analyze and study the most recent, cross-sectoral innovations in project management practice. Graduates of the program are expected to have the knowledge and abilities necessary to advance to senior management roles and become effective project managers in the future. You will be able to work as Project Engineers, Solution Design Project Managers, Director of Estates and Capital Projects, and Construction Project Managers at major companies like BP, DHL Supply Chain, Kew Gardens, Mott MacDonald, and Siemens. 


Top Universities Offering this program:

Find information about the top ten ranked Communications and Media universities below to discover more about the finest Media and Communications programs in the UK:

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of St Andrews
  3. King's College London
  4. University of Warwick
  5. Loughborough University
  6. University of Edinburgh
  7. University of Birmingham
  8. University of Glasgow
  9. Newcastle University
  10. Cardiff University

The United Kingdom is a popular choice among foreign students because of its history, global language, and reputation for high-quality, reasonably priced courses. If you obtain an MBA from an institution in the United Kingdom, your CV will stand out from the crowd. Studying in the UK will provide you with excellent exposure and experience in addition to a world-class education.


Cost of the Program (average) and Average cost of living

The UK, MBA programs take 12 to 21 months and cost between 31,450 and 87,900 pounds. MBA programs in economics, health administration, international business, and other subjects are available at over 130 business schools in the United Kingdom.

According to our estimations, all living expenses, including accommodation, transport, food, laundry, study fees, and other personal expenses, should be planned at roughly £1,100-£1,300 per month. Because this will vary depending on your lifestyle and needs, you should do your own research.

When you're preparing to attend university, you should look into other sources of funding and income, as well as prepare a budget to estimate how much you'll spend.

International students in the United Kingdom incur a variety of one-of-a-kind expenses. Students in the UK spend most of their money on rent, groceries, and going out, according to Save the Student's National Student Finance Survey 2020. In general, they spend £795 each month on living expenses. Here's a list of some of the most common spending categories:

  • The rent is around £418 per month.
  • The cost of food is £100 per month.
  • Going out costs £46 every month.
  • Transport costs £46 per month.
  • £37 per month for living expenses (such as electricity and water).



The competition for strong, expensive UK scholarships is tough, and some of the best sponsors evaluate a range of variables, including your previous academic performance. Don't hesitate to apply for an international scholarship in the United Kingdom if you can establish that you're a top student with great academic achievements.

The United Kingdom offers a number of scholarship opportunities to potential students from other nations. A student may be qualified for a full or partial scholarship that will cover a portion, if not all, of their tuition costs, depending on the scholarship program. Even though in-depth knowledge in a particular field and other educational credentials earned over the course of a student's lifetime is required to meet the criteria for such exciting scholarship amenities, if a student receives a full scholarship, the majority of the cost of studying abroad is covered, providing financial assistance to the student.

Apart from scholarships, student loans to study in the UK can play a significant role in easing financial stress.



You must have a bachelor's degree with a grade point average of 60 per cent or above to be admitted to MBA programmes in the United Kingdom. In contrast to the United States and Canada, where a four-year bachelor's degree is necessary, MBA candidates can have a three-year bachelor's degree. Many institutions now offer MBA programmes without the GMAT since the standards aren't as stringent as they formerly were. Because an MBA from one of the UK's most prestigious business schools is so costly, income expectations are also high. In the United Kingdom, MBA students may expect to earn up to 100,000 GBP per year.


Tier4 UK Student VISA

To apply for a UK student visa, check the documents listed below for a seamless process.

  • letter of acceptance from the university you have been accepted to (CAS)
  • Proof of funds.
  • A valid passport and recent photographs.
  • Details of your university and accommodation.
  • Report of your health checkup
  • A valid passport. (keep a page blank for the visa)
  • Original mark sheets/transcripts


After collecting all the documents, Follow the steps below to apply for a UK student’s Visa.

  • Sign up and submit your visa application form online. It is advisable to check the online appointment calendar to book an appointment. After submission, you will get an email with an application number.
  • After receiving the email, Pay the fees, and collect the receipt.
  • Now appear for the visa interview as per the scheduled appointment and submit the necessary biometrics, photograph, application, and other documents.
  • You will get your tier 4 student visa in 6 weeks time.


Zoom Abroad is a great platform that can help you find the best project management program for you in the UK. Register here and create your profile today to get matched with the best-fit project management programs offered by the top UK universities. Book a 30 mins FREE consultation with an expert advisor today. Other than project management there are a variety of STEM courses available in the UK. You can choose from Engineering, Medicine and, even specializations within Management like Marketing, International Business, media and communication and, PR to figure out which one is the most suitable based on your profile and long term goals.


Harsh Ranjan
Harsh Ranjan

Digital Mktg. Manager

A seasoned marketer with the ability to craft narratives that elevate brands and drive volume. Harsh loves researching, finding new ways to connect with potential audiences

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