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Environmental Sciences in the UK

Saumya Singh      June 28, 2023

As you must have read in recent times, the general awareness surrounding environmental conservation protection has increased. More and more enterprises are trying to go green. Thus, individuals who specialize in providing environmentally friendly solutions to these organizations are being paid heavily. There is a surge in demand for environmental scientists. So, if you are passionate about protecting the environment and thus would like to contribute to it, you can choose to study environmental sciences. There are a plethora of opportunities available for graduates of the course.

Moreover, the course structure is also pretty interesting and practical. The course outline of most environmental courses in the United Kingdom is interdisciplinary. This approach of studying helps the students understand how the world works, which in turn helps the students tackle real-time issues that are required to be solved. You will be taught various methodologies that governments and enterprises can adopt to ensure that humans have access to cleaner water, air, and land resources. 

The United Kingdom has a booming environment industry. “Go green” has been the motto of most enterprises of the UK for the last two decades now. Further, there are various active projects in the UK, which may help you find great working opportunities. Universities in the UK are also highly sought after for studying environmental science courses. Owing to which the course pattern of the universities providing the environmental science courses is also highly respected. Further, the knowledge that you will gain in the United Kingdom will greatly help you progress in environmental protection.

All in all, studying environmental sciences from the UK is bound to aid you in getting many fruitful career opportunities.

A career in Environmental Science

There are multiple career paths that you can take up after completing your Environmental Science degree from the United Kingdom. So, most environmental science degree courses in the UK offer the students with a placement year option. Availability of this option aids the students in gaining due exposure in the industry’s field, which also aids in increasing the student's basic skills. In the UK, there are a large number of opportunities available for graduates. Through these opportunities, the graduates can also develop a network of contacts, which can help them secure the job of their dreams.

If you choose to study environmental science in the UK, you will be taken on frequent field trips by the university since it is a form of academic practice that universities in the UK. Since the European mainland is well connected to the UK, you can also try to intern there. Various environmental organizations have their headquarters in Europe; working in places like these would boost your career chances greatly.

You can even earn while studying as various charities and environmental organizations need students to help in their programs. So, we have attached a list of jobs that you can get into after studying environmental science in the UK -

  • Commercial horticulturist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental education officer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Environmental manager
  • Minerals surveyor
  • Nature conservation officer
  • Recycling officer
  • Sustainability consultant
  • Waste management officer
  • Water quality scientist
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Income of Environmental Science graduates

The average per annum Environmental Scientist Salary in the United Kingdom is £27,000. State and Central organizations usually employ environmental Science graduates to support their programs. Further, Charitable organizations such as Amnesty also employ environmental Scientists. Moreover, there are numerous opportunities available for environmental science graduates in the field of research and literature.

  • Local authorities
  • Environmental protection agencies such as the environment agency (EA) and Scottish environment protection agency (SEPA)
  • UK government departments, such as the department for environment, food and rural affairs (DEFRA)
  • Environmental monitoring organizations
  • Environmental consultancies
  • Nature conservation organizations
  • Charitable trusts, such as Natural England and Scottish natural heritage.
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Universities in the UK offering courses in Environment Science

There are a plethora of great places where you can study for your degree in Environmental Science from. Your preference should depend upon your specialization, location choice and course type. Some of the universities which you can look into have been enlisted below – 


  • The University of Oxford.
  • Imperial College London.
  • The University of Cambridge.
  • The University of Exeter.
  • University College London.
  • The University of Edinburgh.
  • The University of East Anglia.

Other popular universities to study Environmental Science are Swansea University and Leeds University.

Degrees offered by Universities in Environmental Science

There is a various course to choose from for any graduate. There are comprehensive courses undergraduate and postgraduate courses available in the UK. The choice of your course is dependent upon the choice of your specialization. While keeping this in mind, you can choose from various courses. Some of the courses for the same have been enlisted below.

Bachelor Degrees

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours)
  • Human Geography and Environment (Hons)
  • Geo-environmental Hazards BSc (Hons)
  • Ecology and Environmental Science BSc (Hons)

Degrees at Postgraduate Level

  • MA in Environmental Humanities
  • MSc in Geographic Information and Climate Change
  • MSc in Climate Change Finance & Investment
  • MSc in Environmental Management for Business

Entry Requirements for Environmental Science

We shall break down the basic requirements you will need to fulfil to get admission to an environmental course in the UK. Each University may have different entry requirements thus; we recommend that you visit the university's website that you would like to get in.–


Firstly, you should have secured 65% or above in your designated 12th Standard if given the same from a State Board. On the other hand, you will have to secure at least 60% and above if you have given your 12th through a Central Board. Further, you should have at least one subject among the Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geography, Geology, Mathematics or Physics in your 10th and 12th. 

 Other requirements have been enlisted in the table below - 


QA Highers

AABB - by the end of S5

AAAB - by the end of S6

GCE  A-levelsBBB
IB Diploma30 points
BTEC (Level 3)DDM
Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh

Content Writer

Saumya is an enthusiastic reader with a keen inclination toward literature, academics, and marketing. Ideas, strategy, and impact are what keep her belief in marketing intact. Oh, and playing with content is her hobby.

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