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Political Science Programs in the UK

Harsh Ranjan      September 16, 2021

Graduate courses on Political Science and other Social Sciences are on the rise in the United Kingdom. The study of Political Science is based upon analysis of political activities, political thoughts and political behaviour. It was propounded by the Greek philosophers that “man is a social animal and thus should know and study the society. Political theories of renowned thinkers are also imparted in the same course. This aids the student in developing a holistic point of view of their own political and social systems. An in-depth study of political science in the UK allows one to know their societal constructs better. In recent years, the study of Political Science has been on the rise.


Further, there has been a steady demand for graduates of this field. In current times, it is imperative forever for every political candidate to make informed political decisions. To do the same, they hire graduates who are adept in the political discipline. 


The United Kingdom can be termed as the birthplace of most Social Sciences. Political Science also has a long heritage in the United Kingdom. Esteemed universities like Oxford and Cambridge have been the centre of discussion on politics and social sciences for centuries. Owing to such previous expertise, most universities in the United Kingdom offer a comprehensive course on political science and other Social Sciences. Further, the reputation of these institutes is set them apart. Along with imparting theoretical knowledge, they also provide ample opportunities to their respective students to indulge in debates and public speaking exercises, which are integral to the course’s outline. 


Through studying in the reputed institutes in the United Kingdom, one can gain valuable practical skills. Universities in the United Kingdom has a trend of incentivizing their students to intern at esteemed places like the US House of Representatives, London hedge fund and global investment bank. So, you. It is safe to say that if you study in the United Kingdom, you will have ample opportunities to have a successful college stint. 


Career options for Political Sciences


Most of the federal, state and local government jobs ask candidates to have Political Science Degrees in the UK. It also increases one’s chances of selection if the candidate has earned his degree from a reputed institute. As we know, the institutes in the United Kingdom are world-renowned and are bound to term some heads. Other than this, there are various other options. 

Every government of the world plans their voting campaign by the needs of its demographic. Thus penetrating their demographic and get their respective vote. Political Science graduates can help them in doing the same. Further, they can also look for further study. The option of getting into fields like finance, management, social research and public administration is also open. We have gone through the basic incentives of taking the course. A list of jobs that a political scientist may get are enlisted below - 


  • Diplomat or foreign service officer
  • Political scientist
  • Professor
  • Business executive
  • Political consultant
  • Public affairs consultant
  • Social researcher


Most Job positions require the graduates to be adept in writing and communication. Further, if the graduate can draw up stats, then this skill also helps. Some positions may also require the graduate to have in-depth knowledge in regards to the current political landscape. To get more pay, students can also enrol themselves in a master's degree or PhD in political science, public administration, or a related field, which may be nexus to their job position. 


Income of Political Science graduates:


MNCs and Government corporations task the Political Scientists to analyze the political landscape of their demographic. Owing to this, they are paid handsomely. 

The average salary of Political Science students who get their degrees from the United Kingdom is around is £25,014. The salary of the graduates is usually in between the range of £15,000 – 55,000. 


Typically, political graduates are taken in by the following organizations and companies. 


  • Accountancy and banking organizations
  • Charities
  • Commercial businesses - particularly within marketing departments
  • Councils
  • Law firms
  • The local and national government
  • Retail companies
  • Media organizations.


It shall be noted that there has been a great increase in demand for Political graduates in the field of Business, HR and finance. Further, politicians are always looking for bright minds from bright places. So, you will have a great chance at all these opportunities if you get your respective degree from the United Kingdom. 



Universities to study Political Science:


The United Kingdom has an esteemed list of universities that allow the student to take the course to complete the Political Science course. The name of the universities is enlisted below -


Universities in England - 


  • Imperial College London
  • University of Bath
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Br
  • University of Loughborough


Universities in Scotland -


  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Strathclyde
  • Abertay University


Universities in Wales and Northern Ireland -


  • The University of South Wales, in Wales
  • Ulster University, in Northern Ireland


Degrees offered by the UK Universities in Political Sciences 


There are a variety of courses that a student can take up in the United Kingdom. They have a rich teaching heritage owing to which they can provide a diverse course catalogue. A few of the courses which they offer have been enlisted below - 


  • BA (Hons) Social and Political Studies
  • BA (Hons) in Politics
  • BSc International Politics (Hons)
  • BSc Economics and Politics
  • BA (Hons) Criminology and Social Policy


Entry Requirements: 


Universities in the United Kingdom have specific requirements for prospective candidates. Each university does have a different application process, and the same is required to be followed. We recommend students carefully go through each of the universities’ processes and then apply accordingly. Still, we have provided a small list of prerequisites that you may like to keep in consideration. 

Specific requirements  Typical offer 
A levelsAAB
Access to Higher Education Diploma36 credits at Distinction and 9 credits at Merit or high
BTEC National Extended DiplomaDDD
International Baccalaureate35 points


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