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Why study in the Netherlands?

The friendly Dutch welcome students from across the globe with open hearts. This is evident from the trouble they take to acquire expertise in the English language. Universities in the Netherlands offer over 2,000 programs, which uses English as a medium of instruction. Of course, each university functions in alignment with its own rules and regulations.


The Dutch teaching style focuses on teamwork, which makes it easy for international students in the Netherlands to meet other international students. The Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education states that higher education in the Netherlands increases your “international orientation.”


Admirable educational system


The educational authorities ensure that they design every program to perfection. The aim is to meet all the global standards of high-quality education. They also ensure that requisite facilities for each course are in place. The Netherlands Government is well aware of what, when, why and how associated with every task.


Considering the country’s small size and significant European competition, the Netherlands’ higher education system packs a mighty punch. Dutch universities consistently earn top spots in international rankings based on everything from external funding to job prospects for graduates.


Scholarships to go study in the Netherlands


The availability of scholarship support offered both through the Dutch government and higher education institutions adds to the reasons why the Netherlands is one of the top choices for international scholars.


Warmly welcome as an international student


Long known for its multiculturalism, the Netherlands is more focused than ever on attracting international students thanks to the recent “Make it in The Netherlands” initiative. This comprehensive plan aims to engage more international students based on the conviction that a diverse student population boosts everything from employment success rates for all to an enhanced educational system.


Don’t need a car to get around


The Netherlands is a small region and public transport will take you almost anywhere you want to go. The bicycle is the cheapest and easiest way to get around, especially if you live in a city. There are special cycling lanes on almost every road and other road users are used to cyclists. Most Dutch people, regardless of their profession or status, have a bicycle. Buy a second-hand bike rather than a new one to save money. But also be sure to buy at least one strong lock! Once you have arrived in Holland, you will discover that many European capitals are within easy reach. Berlin, Brussels and Paris are just a few hours away by train.


History & Culture


The Netherlands is a historical hub for art, philosophy and scientific research, and has been for centuries. While studying there, you'll be able to visit the largest collection of Vincent van Gogh paintings in the world, the Keukenhof gardens (full of – guess what – tulips), the Anne Frank house and the Hague, the famous ‘judicial capital of the world’.


Everyone Speaks English


Most people in the Netherlands speak English to a very high standard, and many courses at Dutch universities are offered in English. Not only does this mean that Dutch education is more accessible to non-Dutch speaking people, but it also means it is way easier to mix and make friends.

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