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Top 5 UK Universities To Study Economics

Saumya Singh      December 27, 2022

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Economics is one of the best degrees that universities across the world offer. Of course, not every university in the world is well adept at teaching economics, but there are few countries whose universities offer an exciting outlook of economics. 


The United Kingdom is home to some of the best universities globally and boasts excellent research and teaching facilities. Economics is one of the earliest degrees offered by most universities, and the UK is home to the earliest universities founded in the history of mankind. This makes for a very formidable combination of university and degree that is available. With most universities ranked high internationally, you can study economics in the UK as it is one of the best destinations to pursue education. 


Here are a few best universities for Economics in UK or related studies at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels:


London School of Economics and Political Science


The London School of Economics and Political Science is the world’s renowned institution for students looking to pursue a degree in Economics. The college has a status that is synonymous with excellence in the field of economics. The degrees offered at the undergraduate level include BSc Economics, BSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, BSc Economics and Economic History. The postgraduate degrees offered in the field include MSc Economics, a part-time degree of MSc Economics that would be a two-year programme, and MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. 


University of Cambridge 


The University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities globally renowned for its pursuit of excellence. Students from the university have ended up in reputable positions in organisations across the world. Besides the above, the university has also contributed to economics with researchers and teachers who have further pursued the subject. The degrees offered in economics by the University of Cambridge are BA in Economics, Advanced Diploma in Economics, MPhil in Economics, MPhil in Economics Research, MPhil in Finance and Economics, and a PhD in Economics. 


University of Oxford


The University of Oxford, like its rival university at Cambridge, boasts one of the most accomplished and excellent faculty of economics studies. The university, too, has contributed many students as professionals, teachers and researchers in economics. The degrees offered by the university at both levels include A. (Hons) in History and Economics, A. (Hons) in Economics and Management, A. (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. 


University College London


One of London’s oldest universities in function since 1826, the University College London has an enviable track record of staff and students who have done well for themselves in the field of economics. The courses offered by the institution in the field of economics are: Economics with a Placement Year BSc (Econ), Philosophy, Politics and Economics BSc, Economics and Statistics BSc (Econ), Mathematics with Economics BSc, Mathematics with Economics MSc, Economics and Geography BSc (Econ), Economics and Business with East European Studies with a Year Abroad BA, Philosophy and Economics BA, Economics BSc (Econ).


London Business School


London Business School is an oddity on the list since it is relatively new. The school, however, has made it to the top with its outstanding ethos and diverse culture that offers varying insights into the topics taught. Being a new age school, it has a different approach than most colleges but has achieved results nonetheless. They offer a degree in Economics at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels which focuses its area of study in economic theory, industrial economics, strategic business behaviour, and the global macroeconomy.




Students can avail this chance to study in the best universities. They can also take help from education consultants like ZoomAbroad to pursue their economics education in the UK. They will help the students to crack all the required examination, complete the visa processes seamlessly, and help them in improving their skills too.

Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh

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