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Is studying Computer Engineering in the UK challenging?

Saumya Singh      May 29, 2023

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The best course of action for your career is to consider studying computer engineering in the UK. In the UK, there are many reputable universities where you can finish your engineering degree. In the UK, there are numerous career options for those who study computer engineering. To shape your engineering career, you will need to select from the top universities. You will benefit from the best faculties in the world, world-class facilities, application-focused coursework, and quality placement opportunities if you study in the UK. To succeed in this field as a career, you must be aware of the best learning options. Universities in the United Kingdom are one of the best-ranked in the world. You get the most benefits if you study in the UK when you join top-tier universities. The curriculum, student experience, and overall exposure a student gets while being in the United Kingdom are immeasurable.

Computer engineering in the UK is considered a very difficult degree to pursue because it is quite challenging. Computer engineering deals with different areas of mathematics like logical proofs, calculus, and structures of CE. Because of this, students who pursue computer engineering tend to focus more on their academics. The United Kingdom is a place where various students aim to go and get into top engineering universities in UK because of the exposure one gets by being in the UK. Because of this reason, the United Kingdom tends to be a hub of all the great minds and talented individuals, which makes it a highly competitive environment to be in. 

B.Tech in Computer Science in UK - Colleges and Fees 2023

Engineering is one of the most selective degree among students after the 12th class in the world. This undergraduate program is available in multiple specializations and Computer Science is one of them. Computer Science Engineering in the UK is a UG program pursued by many foreign students. Universities in the UK offer this program and provide better possibilities to get a job after completing the degree.

Studying in the UK can be the rightest decision for students as the country is the home of the world’s top universities. A degree in computer science engineering will give knowledge about computing that will help students while working in the organization. Computer science and technologies are dominating our everyday lives so pursuing this degree is profitable for your future.

Computer Science Engineering in UK Highlights:


Number of CS Engineering Universities in the UK

90+ (approx.)

CS Engineering Cost in the UK

1st Year Average Tuition Fee - INR 27.02 lakh (top 20 universities)

Living Expenses - INR 5.91 lakh per year (average)

Top Specializations

Computer Science

Admission Process

IELTS Score + SOP + LORs + Resume

What is Computer engineering in the UK all about?

Computer engineering is a branch of engineering that is a mix of electrical engineering and computer Engineerings. Computer engineering is known as the discipline that is the embodiment of Engineering and technology. It deals with design and construction. It also deals with the maintenance of hardware and software. 

Because computer engineering is a discipline that is shared, it can be a difficult degree to pursue. 

A student that plans to pursue computer engineering should have a good grip and robust knowledge of Engineering, math and technology. Computer engineering as a degree goes deeper into coding and programming. Still, the role of math, Engineering and technology is rooted deep into the discipline and is needed throughout the career of a computer engineer.

Why must you pursue computer engineering in the UK?

Pursuing computer engineering can be very challenging as there is a lot to learn, even between courses. A student needs to be regular in studying; studying a night before an exam will not work. A computer engineering degree asks students to focus on developing practical computer Engineering skills. Students that enrol for computer engineering degrees have a deep passion for computers, Engineering, mathematics, coding and programming. With this sense of passion, completing a degree like a computer engineering can be extremely challenging. Before you plan to enrol for a computer engineering course in the United Kingdom, you should conduct thorough research regarding the future careers prospects and higher studies needed to secure a good future. 

  1. The UK is a popular study abroad destination because of its adaptable educational system. Specializations can be found in a variety of single and multiple combinations. Both full-time and part-time integrated courses are available to students.

  2. When it comes to accepting international students, UK universities are friendly. With students from various nations and ethnicities studying there, the UK has transformed into a melting pot. The university campuses are completely guarded and monitored by CCTV.


  1. With a 98% employability rate, UK graduates are among the most employable graduates worldwide. In the UK, there are plenty of employment opportunities for graduates in computer Engineering.

  2. The UK offers two years of post-study work authorization.

Bachelor in Computer Engineering in UK Universities: 


Name of University

Course Name

Tuition fee

University of Glasgow

Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering

INR 30.8 lakh per year

University of Cambridge

Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering

INR 52.2 lakh per year

Oxford University

Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering

INR 39.45 lakh per year

University of Greenwich

Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering

INR 20.6 lakh per year

University of Manchester

Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering

INR 33.4 lakh per year

King’s College London

Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering – Artificial Intelligence

INR 28.4 lakh per year

Teesside University

Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering – Networking

INR 12.8 lakh per year

University of Warwick

Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering

INR 38.5 lakh per year

University College London

Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering – Engineering

INR 39.3 lakh per year


Top Engineering Schools in the UK

Let's explore the top engineering schools in the UK. Oxford University A highly regarded undergraduate and graduate programme in computer Engineering and MSC is offered by Oxford University. One of Oxford University's most popular academic programmes is the MSC in computer Engineering. The best mentors will help you and give you the chance to learn the ideas more effectively. Both Oxford's BSC and MSC programmes emphasise application-based learning. The best option for aspiring engineers worldwide is to pursue a career in the UK while studying computer engineering.

University of Cambridge: 

Computer Engineering is a three-year regular graduation course offered by Cambridge University. Tripos in Computer Engineering is the name of this university programme. The Institution of Engineering and Technology and the British Computer Society will offer the best engineering bachelor's and master's degrees to the aspirant candidates as soon as Cambridge University is established. When you mention an international degree on your resume, it will improve your CV.

University of Oxford:

The computer Engineering and MSC programmes offered by Oxford University are of the highest calibre. One of the most well-liked academic programmes at Oxford University is the MSC in computer Engineering. You will receive the best mentoring and have the opportunity to better understand the concepts. Application-focused learning is a component of Oxford's BSC and MSC programmes. The best option in the world for aspiring engineers is to pursue a career in computer engineering in the UK.

University of Bristol: 

The best opportunities for engineers to study in the UK are provided by the University of Bristol. Bristol University was the first to admit both men and women on an equal basis. Electrical engineering and electronics degrees are offered by it. Also available is a master's degree in Continental engineering from Bristol University in England. This university currently ranks 51st among the best in the world for candidates seeking engineering degrees in a variety of fields, placing ninth in the UK.

London's Imperial College: 

Imperial College in London is quickly becoming one of the best places in the city to receive an engineering degree. They provide a wide range of classes, including a four-year master's degree in engineering, foundational engineering courses, game design, artificial intelligence, and numerous advanced engineering courses. All of the curricula are career-focused and will help students succeed in the workplace in the future.


There are various careers you can pursue after studying computer engineering, such as 


  1. Application analyst
  2. Data analyst
  3. Database administrator
  4. SEO specialist
  5. Systems specialist
  6. UX analyst/ UX designer
  7. Technical author


Eligibility for Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering in the UK


  • English language proficiency test is compulsory for taking admission to Bachelors’ in computer Engineering in the UK. The minimum IELTS score requirement is 6.5, and for TOEFL it is 85-90. English fluency is compulsory for aspirants. 
  • 10+2 education from a recognized board of study with mathematics and computer Engineering as compulsory subjects. It is important to have good academic records without study gaps.
  • Aspirants need to take the ACT and SAT examinations. These standardized examinations are widely accepted in British universities.
  • The purpose statement ought to be distinctive and competitive. Mention accomplishments, course expectations, and goals.

  • It is required to submit two letters of recommendation from professors.

  • Financial assistance is crucial. The universities refuse to admit students without evidence of their ability to pay their bills.

  • Documentation is required. It consists of a passport, a visa, academic records, medical records, financial documentation, photos, a LOR, and an SOP.

Note: In the UK, an English language test is required.

Students must take English language proficiency exams to be admitted to British universities. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language are the recognized examinations (TOEFL). The IELTS minimum requirement is 6.5, and TOEFL range is 85-90. It is advised that students look up the necessary exam on the university portal.

Cost of a computer Engineering bachelor's degree in the UK

International students can choose between private and public universities in the UK to study computer Engineering. There are only five private British universities, and the vast majority of them are funded by the government. A bachelor's degree in computer Engineering typically costs between INR 12.8 lakh and INR 58.5 lakh to study for in the UK. Teesside University, Leeds Trinity University, and the University of Cumbria are a few of the universities that are most reasonably priced. International students can apply for fully funded scholarships to cover their tuition costs because studying in the UK is expensive.

Scholarships for Engineering in UK

There are numerous scholarships for international students to pursue computer engineering in UK. some of them are mentioned below:


Awarded to 

Felix Scholarships

Postgraduate students from India and other developing countries

Amount/Benefit: 100% Tuition fee and a set living expense.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The scholarship covers airfare to and from the United Kingdom, tuition and examination fees, a personal maintenance allowance, and an initial entry allowance for the thesis grant.

Amount/Benefit:  Varies

University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships

International students will be awarded Chancellor's International Scholarships based on their academic performance and potential.

Amount/Benefit: 50% off international student tuition fees and is offered for one year.

Engineering Excellence Scholarship

International undergraduate students who exceed the academic conditions of the standard UCAS offer at University of Sheffield, and attain A level grades of A*AA or above.

Amount/ Benefit: The scholarship amount is dependent on your academic achievement:  A*AA - 1,000 GBP, A*A*A - 2,000 GBP and A*A*A* - 3,000 GBP.

The Scope of Computer Engineering in the United Kingdom

Why Study Computer Engineering in the United Kingdom? In the United Kingdom, computer engineers design, develop, and manufacture integrated circuits, microprocessors, and other computing systems. The scope of Computer Engineering in the United Kingdom is determined by the job market and industrial growth. Obviously, the United Kingdom is a growing market with operations in all major countries. Computer Engineering in the UK for Indian students provides them with knowledge in areas such as robotics, telecommunications systems and devices, aerospace technology, and many others.


MSc in Computer Engineering in the United Kingdom assists international students in designing physical systems that enable digital technologies while also providing a promising career. Computer engineers' job titles can range from network engineer to embedded software engineer.

Salary after Pursuing Bachelor in Computer Engineering in the UK:


                        Job position

                            Annual Salary

Software Engineer 

INR 27,12,872

Data Analyst 

INR 33,16,120

Pharmacy Manager 

INR 37,18,074

Project Manager (IT) 

INR 71,34,683

Software Developer 

INR 30,13,971

Data Scientist 

INR 41,19,093

Data Engineer 

INR 33,15,368


Thinking of Masters’ instead? Here’s What to Know! 

Masters in Computer Engineering in UK universities

Computer Engineering universities in UK have access to the latest technology, work in some of the top companies, and also it leads to some of the highly paid jobs. The growth in Universities in UK for MSc in Computer Engineering is expected to continue with the increased use and need for gadgets. The use of computers in all industries is fueling this growth and the need for Computer engineers. Universities in UK for masters in Computer Engineering is focussed on bringing out engineers who work to improve the use of computers to other machines and also to accelerate the capabilities of computers. To be a successful computer engineer, you need to have knowledge of computer hardware and software and, in most cases, combine concepts from the fields of electrical engineering and computer science. 

Below is the list of UK Universities for Masters in Computer Engineering couples up the other sectors of computers like the internet of things significantly:


Computer Engineering Universities In Uk

Masters In Computer Engineering In Uk

University of Glasgow

MSc in Computer Systems Engineering

University of Nottingham

MSc in Electronic Communications and Computer Engineering

University of Essex

MSc in Computer Engineering

Solent University

MSc in Computer Engineering

Solent University

MSc in Computer Engineering (With Work Placement)

MSc Computer Engineering with Placement in UK

MSc Computer Engineering with placement in UK will extend your skills across along with placement year in the essential areas in the field of Automation and control. Using your existing knowledge of engineering theory and practice in Automation, you can build new skills through MSc Computer Engineering with Placement in UK further in embedded systems and control system design. Using specialist equipment in the laboratories, MSc Computer Engineering with Placement in UK will teach you to use the programming language and various other cloud-related skills for the betterment of the industry and business.

Below is the list of universities that offer MSc Computer Engineering with Placement in UK for more information and guidance contact our team.


Universities With Placement Year In Uk For Computer Engineering

Msc Computer Engineering With Placement In Uk Universities

Solent University

MSc in Computer Engineering

Solent University

MSc in Computer Engineering (With Work Placement)

Top universities in UK for masters in Computer Engineering

Top universities for msc in Computer Engineering in uK offer programs that will allow you to gain a deeper technical specialization. You can be a working professional looking for specialization or a student, but a degree from top UK universities for Computer Engineering masters gives a long-term advantage. You can track the new developments and deviate from the already seeped career. Top Ranked Computer Engineering Universities in UK go beyond technical specialization and engage students in engineering leadership and a team-oriented capstone project.

This project allows you, students, to practice in real-time the technical and non-technical skills. Top universities in UK for Masters in Computer Engineering offer courses organized by professional concentrations on scientific and technical topics. After the MS in UK, you will work in teams and need to be trained to communicate your ideas and influence people, so the Top universities in UK for MSc in Computer Engineering provide training in soft skills as well.

Given below is the list of Top universities in UK for MSc in Computer Engineering, to find your best suited university contact our team.


Top Universities In UK For Masters In Computer Engineering

University of Glasgow

University of Nottingham

University of Essex

Solent University

Masters in Computer Engineering in UK without IELTS:

Though IELTS is required, many universities also accept Masters in Computer Engineering in UK without IELTS. In some particular circumstances, some British universities may not assess your English proficiency through standard tests but in a different way. You must always check if your university estimates your English level through different methods so you can avoid taking an IELTS and save time for yourself.

 Below is the of universities that offer MS in Computer Engineering in UK without IELTS is possible- 

  1. If your score in English during your 12th was above 60% some particular universities could accept your application
  2. The second opportunity is your prior education in English taught school. Nowadays, many schools outside the UK offer education in the English language. If you have attended your high school at this kind of institution and your scores were excellent, universities accept your application for application for Masters in Computer Engineering in UK without IELTS
  3. Another way the IELTS can be avoided is by having an online interview with the designated officials.

Uk Universities Without Ielts For Computer Engineering

Masters In Computer Engineering In Uk Without Ielts

University of Essex

MSc in Computer Engineering

Solent University

MSc in Computer Engineering

Solent University

MSc in Computer Engineering (With Work Placement)

Study Computer Engineering Masters in London

MSc Computer Engineering offers the program in conjunction with Electrical engineering or any other specializations like IoT, telecommunications in top cities in the UK. However, there is no MSc Computer Engineering London. You can still choose the best options that are at your disposal including commonly offered specializations like data science, physical electronics, robotics, signal processing, visual computer graphics.

If not for Computer Engineering in London, the course in other big cities exposes you to Data Science and Systems combined with the latest technologies and techniques for data collection, analysis of information, and data storage and helps you understand data management. 

The course prepares you to understand digital integrated circuits, which would aid in engineering careers in industries. Sensor interfaces and design techniques, RF communication circuits, A/D converters are few other course advancements. Robotics and Embedded Software: Prepares you for careers in robotics and embedded software to markets. 

Manufacturing, aerospace, medical instruments, Automation, process control, entertainment, and other fields are also focused on embedded software. Worry not as you can look into the following options that are offered other than Masters in Computer Engineering in London:


Alternative Universities In Uk For Masters In Computer Engineering

University of Glasgow

University of Nottingham

University of Essex

Solent University

Bachelor in Computer Engineering in the UK: FAQs

Ques 1. How long does a bachelor’s in computer Engineering take in UK?

Ans. Bachelor’s degree in computer Engineering lasts for three years. The three-year bachelor’s degree is a traditional degree, followed by all the top British universities offering computer Engineering degrees. However, some universities offer two years of fast-track bachelor’s degrees with the same curriculum and degree. The three years of bachelor’s in computer Engineering is earned at a college or university.

Ques 2. What is computer Engineering engineering called in the UK?

Ans. Computer Engineering engineering in the United Kingdom is called BEng (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering. It is a bachelor’s in engineering program with honors in one particular subject or specialization.

Ques 3. What do you need to study in computer Engineering in the UK?

Ans. A bachelor’s in computer Engineering is a STEM background program for 3 years full-time classroom program. Students need to study mathematics, computer Engineering, physics, and technology. Understanding of computing architecture, computer Engineering theories, software, tools, numeracy, computer-based system, and critical analytical skills. The program will be completely focused on computer algorithms and software and hardware applications implementation.

Ques 4. What are the different scholarships available for studying computer engineering in the UK?

Ans. International Student Scholarships

The UK has many funding grants and scholarships available. Students can check their eligibility for funding opportunities by going to the UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) website.

Among the notable scholarships available to students from abroad are:

  • Chevening Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Fellowship Plan
  • Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarship
  • The Global Study Award
  • Rhodes Scholarship
  • Felix Scholarship
  • Inlaks Scholarship


Universities in the United Kingdom are said to be the best to study computer engineering. But, it can be a tough degree to pursue because of the high competition in the UK. But, pursuing computer engineering in the UK is possible, as competitive the environment is in the United Kingdom for computer engineering. It makes it a very good place to be because of the benefits and exposure the field gives students. Connect with our Zoom Abroad study abroad partners today! For easy, fast, and accessible assistance for studying your favourite course in the UK!

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