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Student friendly cities to study in the UK

Saumya Singh      December 27, 2022

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Living in the United Kingdom as a student can be a dream for a lot of people. But some students can realize their dream, and they do get an opportunity to go to the UK to complete their further studies. Most students going to the UK to complete their studies are usually conflicted about the city in which they would like to stay. Owing to this reason, the list mentioned below provides students with adequate options to live in the United Kingdom and some global rankings to back the claims. 




It is the epicenter of culture in the United Kingdom. It was ranked as number one by QS best student cities index analysis. This index considers the factors that might affect a student or a foreign student's life in certain cities and accordingly ranks them. According to the index, London is the best city for students to learn and live in worldwide. There are multiple colleges and high-class universities situated in London, and secondly, because the vibrant culture of the UK is also present in London. The city of London has always been looked up to with high regard. It has been considered one of the most tolerant cities globally, owing to which it boasts a diverse demographic. 



This extraordinary city in Scotland which boasts a pristine legacy, was ranked as 15 by the QS Best Students Cities Index. The city is a synonym for students. They have a culture that accommodates students. They specifically have specific residential plots which are dedicated to students only. Edinburgh also has multiple festivals which take place in the city, which are also really attractive. Edinburgh's festivities and interknit community show the culture and vibrant people of the place, which most students would love to be a part of. 



This city has a concentration of world-class universities and amenities which are intrinsic to it. Manchester was ranked as 29 by the QS Best Students Cities Index. This city is widely known for its music scene. Various big acts like Oasis, Joy Division and the Smiths are formed here. Because of this active music scene, multiple concerts take place in the City. The nightlife of the city has also garnered praise. Further, it has been highly praised for its support for its sporting teams like Manchester United. They have great sporting venues also.



It can be considered the melting pot of the UK as a major part of the population of the city consists of students. The culture of the city is really accepting of new students. Moreover, stellar universities and colleges in the city also incentivize new students to choose Glasgow as their first option. Glasgow was ranked as 39 by the QS Best Students Cities Index. There are multiple areas in Glasgow where specific residential plots have been allotted to student use only. 



Coventry has the most beautiful landscapes and greenery throughout the city. It’s rich culture and history makes it a city worth exploring. The cost of living for students is significantly lower than cities like London and Manchester. The city is at close proximity to Birmingham as well. It hosts some of the most affordable universities in the UK offering a range of specialized courses. 

Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh

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