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Precautions you must consider before moving into your new student accommodation

Saumya Singh      December 27, 2022

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New house, new place, new surroundings and new people. Everything is brand new. In such a situation, one can easily be overwhelmed, especially at a student's age. Important decisions during the shifting process need to be taken, like finding the perfect house that suits your needs. 


Before getting your house in a foreign country, you should consider some crucial factors. But you don't need to do all the thinking yourself; we've got your back! 


Here is a list of pointers you must check before you finalize the accommodation. 


Budget Considerations


This is the first and foremost point that will help you shortlist homes. Prices tend to vary according to location so have a look at a variety of locations near your college/desired area. Sometimes the type of the house also results in different prices. For example, a student studio in London might cost more than a student room in London. 


Cost of utilities 


It is essential to check if the amount of rent includes the utility cost or would you be paying separately for it. Utilities include gas cost, water bull, electricity usage, internet, water, laundry service, trash pick etc. you may find that some rents cover these costs while others don't. Most rented accommodation outside campus requires you to pay the utilities separately, while campus accommodation includes these costs on the rent itself. 


Location Check 


Be smart and get a location that is close to your university. This not only helps you save time but also travel costs. If you are not getting accommodation close by, don't fret. Several public transit options have fixed timings that you can stick by and reach your required destinations.


The Deposit Amount


Deposit amounts are asked as a safety concern by landlords or apartment owners. This amount is returned to you once you move out and have left the apartment according to the move out terms stated by the accommodation you were living in. This amount will be paid as a deposit and won't be greater than the rent amount. It may also be called the damage deposit in some cases.


Read Lease Terms Carefully 


Before agreeing to the accommodation, you must read the lease agreement thoroughly. Points you should keep a look out for are the length of the lease, move in and move dates, any additional charges mentioned and if utilities are included. There might be other terms and conditions involving the sublease terms and lease breakage fee that you should be aware of. 


Roommates Selection 


This is a point you should not take lightly. The people who become your roommates will be the people you are going to stay with in the same house. Living together with similarly aged people is a whole new ball game altogether. If you know friends going to the same college as yours, it would be most economical and comfortable to live with them, say in a two-bedroom student apartment in Nottingham. Whoever you live with, you must understand adjustment is key to an excellent functioning household.


When to Start Looking 


Give yourself more than enough time to research and find the best accommodation to fit your needs. Don't hurry to finalize as that may lead to a harsh decision. So start planning well in advance, don't wait for your college result to come in for you to start researching. Be ready with a list of houses that you shortlist, and then you can make the final call when you are ready. 


The best place to start looking for trusted and safe accommodations is amber!


Amber provides students with more than 100's of accommodations options in various locations like Dallas, London, Chicago, Houston, etc. All you need to do is visit our website and start exploring. All our households are updated with the latest covid protocols, and we will help you find an apartment that best suits your needs!


Writer: Riya Rohatgi is a graduate of Communication and Media studies. She has worked in fields like marketing, filmmaking, and designing. She loves exploring new things in life and is an adventurous person.

Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh

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