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Part Time jobs in UK for International Students

Saumya Singh      December 27, 2022

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Living in the UK comes at a heavy financial cost, the lifestyle of the area is not cheap in any regards. Most students who study in the universities of the UK, try to meet their expenses by taking part in some of the other odd-job. Owing to these reasons there is a trend in the UK of students working in part-time jobs. Further, getting a part-time job reflects well on the student’s CV. The students can use this experience in the future to leverage their job prospects. 


Some new students who have just entered the higher schooling space, or some foreign students who are new to the whole atmosphere, do have some trouble finding and choosing a suitable part-time job. The list given below should aid the students in understanding the types of part time jobs available while they are studying in the UK.


Teacher’s assistant


Students interact with their designated teachers, so if a student is in the penultimate year of their college, they can assist teachers in their college who are teaching a certain course to their juniors. If the student is proficient in that subject, he can be hired for the role of the certain course teacher’s assistant. This job pays reasonably well also; it pays around 8 pounds for an hour.


Call centre


Working in the call centre can be ideal for students to get a suitable time shift. The students can work by their academic needs. If the call centre and said shift are consonant, then the job can be ideal for students. It pays around 8.5 pounds on average. 



Delivery driver


If a student is proficient at driving, he chooses this job as a good money-making opportunity. Most delivery services require young individuals to carry these jobs out as it may involve lifting heavy things at times. The opportunities in this field are plenty. This job also pays well enough, clocking at around 9.40 pounds on an hourly average. 




Some of the highest paying opportunities for the students are in the teaching sector. Thus if a student is proficient enough in a discipline, he can choose to be a tutor. Finding students can be a bit tough initially, but if a student can find some good young minds to teach, they can earn some good money. The hourly average of most tutors is around 18.87 pounds. 




Some organizations require students to take up their clerical roles, which involves taking up the office's minute responsibilities. They are mainly tasked with managing diaries, taking phone calls, filing, greeting people or sending emails. This can also add up greatly to the student’s CV. The opportunity in this field is also abundant, so most competent students who have some previous experience in the field should get the given job. The hourly average of the job comes around 12.50 pounds an hour. 


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Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh

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