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Important tips to give the best interview

Arth      May 12, 2024

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As we step into 2024, mastering the college interview has become more crucial than ever. With universities increasingly adopting a holistic review process, your performance in an interview can significantly sway the admission decision. This article delves into updated strategies to help you excel in your college interviews, ensuring you stand out in a competitive field.


Understanding Modern Interview Formats


Interview techniques and formats have evolved. Beyond traditional one-on-one sessions, universities now employ digital platforms for virtual interviews, and some have begun utilizing AI-assisted screening processes. For instance, some institutions may use software to analyze your video interview responses before you even speak with a human. Adapting to these formats requires familiarity with technology and the ability to convey your personality through a screen.


Highlighting Your Unique Story


In 2024, it’s not enough to just list achievements. Your story should weave together your accomplishments with personal growth and resilience. When discussing your background, link your experiences to how they’ve prepared you for the challenges of college. For example, if you led a community service project, explain how it taught you about leadership and empathy, skills essential for campus life.


Consistency Is Key


Ensure your interview answers align with your written application. Discrepancies between what you write and say can raise red flags about your authenticity. To avoid this, create a narrative that complements your application, rehearsing key points. If you claim a passion for environmental science, be ready to discuss recent environmental projects or literature you've engaged with.


Practice with Technology


Given the shift towards digital interviews, practicing with the necessary technology is indispensable. Set up mock interviews using platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to get comfortable with the setup and troubleshoot potential issues. This not only helps you prepare your responses but also ensures you are technologically ready, which is crucial to avoid last-minute hiccups.


Professionalism in the Digital Age


Digital interviews require the same level of professionalism as in-person meetings. Dress formally, as if attending the interview on campus, and ensure your background is neutral and tidy. Mute all notifications to avoid interruptions, and maintain eye contact with the camera to engage effectively with your interviewer.


Document Organization


Keep a digital folder accessible during online interviews with copies of your application, essays, and other relevant documents. This allows you to quickly reference specific points during the conversation, demonstrating thorough preparation and organizational skills. For example, having a PDF of your latest research project handy can be useful when discussing your academic interests.




As the landscape of college admissions continues to evolve, staying updated on interview techniques and expectations becomes increasingly important. By embracing technology, crafting a coherent personal narrative, and practicing diligently, you can present yourself as a well-prepared, compelling candidate. Remember, the interview is your opportunity to make your application come to life; make the most of it!


Further Reading


For more detailed guidance on preparing for digital interviews, visit [The Princeton Review’s Interview Tips]( and explore [Khan Academy’s resources]( on college admissions.


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