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How to Prepare for GMAT?

Saumya Singh      November 23, 2022

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If you are planning to study MBA overseas then you need to be aware of the GMAT. There are indeed many universities which don’t require the GMAT, however, there are many top-tier universities which would ask you to submit your GMAT scores to finalise your admission process.


The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a 3½-hour standardized exam designed to predict how test takers will perform academically in MBA (Masters in Business Administration) programs.


When it comes to MBA admissions many factors are important including essays, recommendations, and interview preparation, however, a GMAT will alone need 75% of your time and effort. Although GMAT is essential there will be some universities in the UK and USA which would accept GRE scores as well. So always make sure that you check with your university of choice to be sure whether they need GRE or GMAT scores.


Preparation process:


  • Always give ample time for your GMAT exam preparation process. We highly recommend you prepare for at least 6 months before your test. If you’re someone who has other commitments, then we suggest that you prepare an 8-week study timeline to ace the exam.
  • It is very important to practice pacing as time constraints will influence your scores.
  • Always practice with the help of the GMAT official Practice Starter Kit and Exams 1 & 2. This will help you become familiar with the format, and the questions and have an idea of what can be expected.
  • Go through the GMAT official guide to know what range of topics will be included. This will give an idea as to what areas you are good at and what areas you need to improve.
  • Once you have taken practice tests then go back and improve on the areas where you are lagging. Remember basic math skills are as important as any other topics and hence it is important to review them from time to time.


Many students are in a dilemma about whether to join coaching classes or not to ace the GMAT exam. There is no simple yes or no answer to this question and completely depends on your abilities, time and other factors. In theory, it is always good to learn from qualified professionals who would guide you through your process. However, many students would prefer to learn on their own and that is completely your choice.


If you are someone who wishes to study on your own then there are many options available online including an official study guide and practice tests, and you can also look for social media groups where individuals who have taken the tests can share their personal experiences. However, when you talk to others try to ignore the negative aspects of it as what is unachievable for others may not be the same for you too. However, their experience will help you plan and act in the right way to ace the test.


One final suggestion would be that you give yourself ample time for preparation and take practice tests time after time so that you can see how you have improved and also how you can pace the exam and beat the time constraint when you take the actual exams.


Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh

Content Writer

Saumya is an enthusiastic reader with a keen inclination toward literature, academics, and marketing. Ideas, strategy, and impact are what keep her belief in marketing intact. Oh, and playing with content is her hobby.

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