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Career guide for Indian students who wish to study in the UK

For Indian students, post their studies in the UK, finding a job could be challenging. However, it is not that difficult to find your dream job if you have access to the right resources and direction and if you know where and what to look for. Any good study abroad consultants in India should be able to help aspiring students with this information.


Indian students while studying in the UK can find work on a part-time basis as well as work as interns or volunteers with potential employers and look for a regular job later on upon graduation. But before working on finding a job in the UK, it is critical for students to know about the work permit and visa regulations of the UK and then become aware of the job-hunting resources, the employability and career options available to Indian students who wish to study in the UK.


Part-time Jobs in the UK



If you are from India and willing to study and work in the UK, then working on a part-time job is a great way to grow your skills and earn some extra money together with some valuable industry experience that can boost your CV and impress the future prospective employers. 


  • You can register yourself with reputable and registered recruitment agencies. Your university can also help you with this information.
  • Manage your time wisely to create a healthy balance between work and study.
  • Part-time jobs are a great way to connect and network with future employers and make long-lasting friendships.
  • Carefully consider how much time you want to spend working so that your studies don’t get affected. Working 15-hours a week is generally recommended for students.


Good study abroad consultants in India like Zoom Abroad who are also headquartered in the UK can help students with real-time information about the part-time job availabilities near your university.


Employability and Career Support in the UK


Every top university in the UK has its own employability and career support services to help international students find jobs, internships, and part-time work opportunities. Apart from career support services, they also provide students with the essential guidance on preparing for interviews, CVs, and how to look for the right jobs and grow transferable skills. Study abroad consultant in India, Zoom Abroad also helps students to be employment-ready by assigning them the right mentor who handholds the student throughout the whole journey.


Most of the UK universities have a high graduate employability rate and mostly the students in the UK are in employment or further education within six months after graduation. UK universities also have strong industry links with graduate schemes and sponsorships that help interested students find relevant jobs in the UK once they finish their studies.




  • An internship not only helps an international student the much-required practical experience but also gets you a chance to learn new things on the job and develop networks and connections. 
  • Internships can help you see if an organization or a job profile is suitable for you and fits into your long-term goals or not. 
  • Internships can be paid or unpaid but work as a test for job roles and career areas of interest.
  • Internships normally last for a duration of 4-12 weeks and are available as summer internships or short-term internships with bigger organizations available around the year.


Work Permit on UK Student Visa 


Tier 4 UK student visa holders can work part-time in the UK as per the below-mentioned conditions;


  • During the course of your studies, you can work up to a maximum of 20 hours per week on paid/unpaid jobs
  • Full-time work is allowed for a maximum of 40 hours per week during term breaks and holidays


Post Study Work Visa and Graduate Immigration Route for Indian Students who want to study in the UK


Indian students studying in the UK are eligible for post-study work visa benefits under the new Graduate Immigration Route for international students in the UK from 2021 onwards with the following conditions:


  • Students must be enrolled for an undergraduate or postgraduate course with an approved higher education institution in the UK
  • Upon successful completion of the course, international students are eligible to stay back in the UK and look for work up to 2-years 
  • No minimum salary threshold is applicable for gaining a work permit under the new Graduate Immigration Route
  • STEM Ph.D. students are eligible for an extension on the PSW visa up to 3 years after graduation


Average graduate salaries?


The UK labor market is amongst the most competitive and advanced in the world and university students have great graduate prospects and career opportunities in the UK. According to a High Fliers report, the median graduate starting salaries in the UK is around £30,000. Sectors with higher earning potential include Banking, Computing and IT, Accounting, Buying and Merchandising, Human Resources, Language and Engineering. 



Studying in the UK is a major step towards achieving your dreams and moving ahead in your career and a free counseling session with Zoom Abroad can help you initiate the process.


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