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30 Jan, 2020

Why study in Spain?

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Why study in Spain?

Spain is one of the most prominent countries in the European Union. It is in many ways one of the best destinations for international students to pursue their higher education. Spain offers a wide variety of universities, courses and teaching methods to international students. However, one of the key aspects of Spain is its rich traditions, culture and language. Spain is one country where students along with getting a quality education will also experience pleasant lifestyle, mild climate and the wealth of stimulating and varied cultural opportunities.

1) Mix of local culture and International presence: Cities like Barcelona and Madrid have kept up the local tradition and culture which dates to many centuries. However, these traditions and cultures is also reason that it has been able to attract many international students. The ever-increasing presence of the international students mean that any newcomer will be able to find people who match their comfort zone and can thoroughly enjoy their education and personal life in Spain.

2) Climate: If you are a student from India, the biggest challenge that you would face would be to get used to the colder climates in the Europe. However, Spain is one of the few countries in Europe which has very mild weather. The temperature in winter is around 15 degree Celsius and in summer it will be around 21 degrees. This kind of pleasant climate means that the international students will feel comfortable and will enjoy their education and can be outdoors enjoying.

3) High quality education: Spain has been home to many international students mainly because of the high quality of education that has been offered by the universities. Spain has been in the forefront for education since the 13th century. This means that you as a student will be able to enjoy modern education system sitting in classrooms which has been the centre for learning. Spanish universities are also very affordable and cost effective along with providing quality education.

4) Employability: The fact that the Spanish language is one of the oldest and most spoken language doesn’t mean that students are inclined to study in Spanish. The universities in Spain offer courses in English. This means if you complete your higher education in Spain you will be qualified and very employable not just in Spain but all around the world. The research shows that the chances of getting a good job increases by half for people who have their higher education completed in Spain as compared to studying in their own home country.

5) Food, Music and Sports: If low costs, high quality education and having a great culture isn’t simply enough for you to choose Spain, think about the Spanish la Liga, probably one of the biggest football circuits in the world. The cultural events such as the La Tomatina which gives a completely new feel that you would not have experienced. The Spanish food and music are one of a kind and something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Studying in Spain is more than education. It is a change in lifestyle, change in how you will see the world and enjoy the beauty of Spain’s rich history, culture, language, sports, food, music and climate. And to all these things add the perks of being able to roam anywhere in Europe, high quality education and numerous employment opportunities. Spain a dream destination for higher studies for international students.


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