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30 Jan, 2020

Why study in Germany?

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Why study in Germany?


When it comes to studying abroad, one of the countries which ranks very high in the list of is Germany. Germany is a great destination for students to pursue their higher education for many reasons. Germany being the unofficial leader of the EU countries means that it has been in the forefront in many things and it continues to be a leader in the field of higher education too.


1) Low or no tuition fees:


Germany being one of the developed countries with a booming economy would mean that they wouldn’t have to worry about collecting high tuition fees. Since the year 2014, the German government has made sure that the fee that the international students pay for their higher education is as little as possible. The fee that the students will pay will go towards administration charges rather than the actual fee. On top of that there are many universities within Germany which also offer scholarships for talented students. This means that the students can focus completely on their education without having to worry about the financial aspects. Statistics have shown that 35.3% of the international students prefer to study in Germany because of low or no tuition fee.


2) Top-Ranked Universities:


Germany has a lot of history when it comes to the field of education and it is reflected in the number of quality educational institutes present there. According to official records that were published in 2018, there are 429 public higher education institutions functioning in Germany among which 106 are universities. German universities are above global higher education standards.


These universities are not just the best universities in Europe, in fact they are some of the best ranked universities in the world. The teaching standards, teaching methods, opportunities to help students improve during and after studies and most importantly safe and friendly environment are some of the reasons for the German universities to be ranked so high.


3) Working and traveling across Europe with your Student Visa:


A person on a student visa in Germany enjoys the same rights as a German Citizen and EU/EFTA citizen. Every student will have the opportunity to study and work without need for any additional permits. When you apply for a course with a duration more than 90 days, you can get a student visa and get a residency permit. This permit allows you to work and study in Germany and gives the opportunity to travel anywhere in the Europe without the need for any additional visas.


4) Affordable cost of living:


When students go abroad to study the biggest worry will always be about the financials, the fact that Germany has one of the lowest fees for education is a great factor however, another great factor is that the cost of living within Germany is probably one of the lowest and most affordable. Germany is so student friendly that most landlords will be happy to provide housing for short-term durations, sharing basis or even for subletting so that you can make sure that you can split the living expenses and not be burdened by it.



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