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Why study in Sweden?

Saumya Singh      December 13, 2022

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Sweden is part of the Scandinavian peninsula in the north of Europe. With ten million citizens, it is both the most populous Nordic country and the largest in terms of area. It borders Norway to the west and Finland to the northeast. In the east, Sweden is bounded by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia, in the southwest by the Kattegat and Skagerrak straits. While not part of the Eurozone, Sweden has been a member of the European Union (EU) since 1995.


Nature, living standards, and advanced technology are some of the perks of living in Sweden. However, there is much more to Sweden than what is visible on the surface. Social systems, infrastructure, and liberal culture are other supporting functions enhancing life quality.


The courses are exhaustive, general and extensive


Typical education system began by reading lots of scholarly articles slowly descending into writing papers, assignments and more and more like research work. Very extensive and packed! Very different from the type of education in India, but will be a pleasant change.


The medical university Karolinska Institute is ranked the 40th best university in the world in all categories, by World University Rankings 2019. For business studies, Stockholm School of Economics is the top university, consistently ranking high in business school rankings. Uppsala University and Lund University are two of the oldest, renowned institutions of higher education in the world, founded in the year 1477 and 1666 respectively. They are both among the top 100 universities worldwide in several high-profile international rankings.


Emphasis both on theory and practical


The semesters are designed in such a manner that balance is maintained between theory and practical. You would have lots of case studies, interaction sessions, research papers to read and presentations to skill. So mostly as a person too you have to be very calm, quick-witted, strong in written as well-spoken English and have great soft skills.


Living standards


Sweden consistently ranks high on lists of the countries with the highest living standards in the world. The tap water in Stockholm has been tested to be as pure as bottled mineral water from brands such as Evian. Due to the need to withstand cold winters, housing, in general, has efficient insulation and heating, and advanced electricity, water, and sewage systems.


All the courses, enactments, role plays in the sessions are designed in such a way that you can relate it easily to the working life in Sweden. They prepare you for the bigger battle outside.


Working conditions


The working conditions in Sweden are among the best in the world. Most companies give full-time employees six weeks of paid vacation per year and a number of healthcare benefits, insurance, and pension schemes. Working hours are regulated, with a standard of 40 hours per week, and employers required to pay for overtime work. In short, being employed by a Swedish company means being in good hands.


Globally recognized and breathtaking campuses


It is no secret that the country in which the coveted Nobel Prize is given has an education that is of a global standard. Some of the professors have written and published their own books, and several research papers. Students as well as the professors have worked, lived and travelled a lot abroad, studying as well as working bringing to the lectures a very diverse and global feeling.


And such green, spacious campuses with lots of rooms and corners to choose from and lunch recipes to try. And goes easy on your pockets!


Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh

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Saumya is an enthusiastic reader with a keen inclination toward literature, academics, and marketing. Ideas, strategy, and impact are what keep her belief in marketing intact. Oh, and playing with content is her hobby.

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