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Why study in Australia?

Saumya Singh      December 13, 2022

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Also known as ‘the Land Down Under’, the country offers affordable educational programs, simplified visa procedures and a multicultural environment to make every international student’s academic journey a memorable one. Further, the globally recognized Australian universities are committed to developing interactive learning environments for students.


Australia now has around 38,4000 international students at every level of different courses. Between the UK, the US and Australia, it is Australia that has the most number of international students.


Global Recognition

The diverse curriculum of various courses, student-friendly campuses, and a wide range of extracurricular activities across many universities has made Australia one of the most sought after countries to pursue higher education. This country is also home to internationally-recognized academic institutions offering a wide range of post-secondary or post-graduation courses.


The government of Australia maintains a high standard of education through a carefully regulated system that aims at nurturing students and producing industry-ready graduates.


Everyday Expenses

Australian dollars are of high value, however, the cost of living in Australia is comparatively less when compared to the leading educational destinations such as the United States and the UK. The expenses of a student in Australia are very less and affordable. Australia also offers many paid internships through with students with it help them to meet their expenses in the country.


Diverse Educational Programs

The educational institutions in Australia offer an array of short-term and degree programs which not only impart extensive knowledge in different subjects but also equips students with the necessary skills. Another compelling reason for the question of why study in Australia is that the universities here provide students with an option to switch from one program or university to another.


The degree programs offered by Australian institutions are globally recognized and received accreditation from various national and international agencies. The country is also known for its training and research facilities and world-class faculty members.


Technology & Research 

Australia is quick to acknowledge and apply new technologies at a faster rate than most other countries. It adopts and adapts itself to technological advances. As Australia has been implementing the new technology in its education system facilities for teaching, training, and research, all these have been elevated to world-class.


Universities have an upper hand when it comes to research in Australia. Science and Art have been the favourite fields of research. Australian universities emphasize the importance of scientific research and development. Thus, students enrolled in various programs are given the opportunity to work with companies and organizations equipped with advanced technologies.


Immense Work Opportunities

Once you have completed your degree in the country, you can further apply for a work visa to extend your stay while looking for career opportunities. The visa authorities of the country don’t restrict foreign students from exploring full-time or part-time job prospects and offers simplified work visa procedures for graduates wanting to discover work opportunities. Australian universities also facilitate various placement sessions to help foreign students successfully find employment at the end of their program.


Student-friendly atmosphere

Students who go abroad for higher studies often have a tough time to keep up with the culture of the new country. Cultural shock is common among students who go abroad to study. Australia is a country that would welcome you warm-heartedly. Australia is much known for its friendly atmosphere. International students don’t face many difficulties in getting themselves used to the new environment in Australia.

Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh

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