ScriptTips and Things to Pack Before Leaving for Your Study Abroad
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30 Jan, 2020

Tips and Things to Pack Before Leaving for Your Study Abroad

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Once you have all your prior formalities completed to begin your course abroad, the next usual question is what are the things to pack? Don’t panic, you and pretty much all the students who have come before you, looking to study abroad have had this problem.


Most panicked students are the one who think they need to stuff their whole life into two suitcases and move to the new country. Probably with the fear that you don’t really know what are the things that await you. This article will guide you towards the things that are essential for you to carry right when you land in the host city:




Essentials usually mean the things for which you would have immediate requirement once in the city and enrolled in the university. There is always more than that meets the eye, therefore carefully knowing what “essentials” mean for you.


Check Geographical Region


Knowing what kind of geographical region, you are moving to is the most important factor. The average temperature of the location decides everything that goes in your suitcase. Every airline has different baggage policies. So, be sure that you have pre-checked the baggage requirements and know the maximum weight allowed.


Clothes and Toiletries


Make sure that you have a bag which is durable and light weight and does not eat up in your baggage space. Normally a suitcase is heavier than a trolley. Also, compartmentalize your clothes and other toiletries according to the urgency of your needs and immediate requirements. If you’re planning on staying in a hotel before reaching your university, make sure you carry few most required items in your carry-on bag. Pack ironed clothes as they are easy to fold and roll your t-shirts and casual wear as they occupy lesser space.


Items like lotions, creams and make-up can be packed based on the urgency of need. Shoes and slippers are definite requirements, however there is no need to carry 5 pair of shoes. Number of pairs you carry can be based on your needs and the space left in the baggage.


Electronic Items


An important electronic accessory to carry is a universal charging adapter for all your electronic gadgets. Also, remember to carry charging cables for your phone, laptop, camera separately. A power bank is also a good item to have in handy in case of emergencies. Generally electronic items should be carried in the carry-on luggage, for protection and safety.


Things to Avoid


  • Leave out anything you feel that you don’t think you would need on priority basis.
  • Kitchen appliances like rice cooker, induction stove is heavy and take a lot of space. Therefore, avoid taking these with you. These items can always be bought or rented from the country you’re travelling to.
  • Leave out jewelry from your luggage. In case you feel the need to carry them then wear them if necessary.
  • Carrying extra deodorants and bars of soaps will also end up adding unwanted weight to your luggage. You could purchase them all abroad.
  • Sharp objects like knives, scissors and blades are mostly banned on all flights.
  • Items like quilts, blankets will be provided in the place of your accommodation. Carry a light bedspread, just in case to be used in emergencies.


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