ScriptImportant things to be mentioned in your LOR - Letter of Recommendation
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30 Jan, 2020

Important things to be mentioned in your LOR - Letter of Recommendation

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Almost all the universities would expect a letter of recommendation from more than one source. Usually they ask a LOR from at least 2 different sources. Who are the ones who can offer LOR for you? This will be the head of academic institutions, lecturers and even your previous employers (If any). The LOR is their way of telling all the great things about you and how you will be an asset to the university and why you deserve the opportunity to study there. The LOR is a crucial aspect of your application, this shows the university that there are people from your past who value you enough and would vouch for you.


Who can offer LOR is also very important, if you are a student, then it can be either academic head of the college or your lecturers can provide a LOR. However, if you have a job experience then it has to be your superior who can provide a LOR. Never take a LOR from your colleagues, that will not serve your purpose and in many cases may cast doubts about the quality of LOR.



What information should be mentioned in LOR?



Relationship with the applicant: 


It is very important that at the beginning you mention who you are and why you are offering the LOR. Always make sure that the person offering LOR is at higher position as that carries more weight to the LOR.


Tenure of Association: 


It is always important to inform how long you have known the applicant. If it is a lecturer, he/she can say that they know you since the first year or second year, if it is the head of department then they can talk about how they are associated with you since the beginning. It is not compulsory that the person writing the LOR be specific about how long they have known you. They can be generic by saying things such as I have known him/her for 3 plus years and so on.


Nature of Association: 


This is where the person writing the LOR tells how they know you and how well they know you. Here they can declare that they are either lecturer, or head of department etc. If it is from a manager or a supervisor to whom you don’t report directly then they can tell how they have assessed, you and how they are the right people to provide you the LOR.


Accomplishments of Applicant: 


At this point of LOR, they can list all the accomplishments of the applicant and how they are impressed by applicant’s work or academic performance. This will inform the readers why someone is ready to offer you a LOR.


Comparative performance: 


It is not just enough to tell what applicant has achieved; it is always important to compare it with the rest of the achievements. This will give an insight into how your accomplishments are valued. If it is academic achievements, they can compare with the overall college performance or if it is at work, they can compare with colleagues to highlight your achievements.


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