ScriptHow to search or shortlist Universities abroad?
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30 Jan, 2020

How to search or shortlist Universities abroad?

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When it comes to studying abroad, it can be very challenging considering the enormous opportunities that await. This could lead to a lot of confusion as how to search and shortlist universities abroad.


Know your requirement: 


When it comes to looking for universities, instead of looking at what universities are offering, first and foremost you must make a list of things that you would want from a university. This could be things such as the courses that are offered, teaching language, fee structure, total fee etc. At this point do not worry about the universities rather focus on what do you think are of highest priority and would expect to achieve by studying abroad. At this point, you can also focus on what is more important for you, having to study full-time and not worry about financial aspects or you want to work part-time with work to support your financial needs.



Fee structure: 


Let’s face it, the common perception that people have is that higher education in foreign universities is expensive. This is true for most universities in most countries. However, this is not the case all the time. At this point it is better to have a budget on hand. This will help you as a student to understand and analyse your financial situation and what you will be ready to spend on quality education. If you feel like you are financially ready to start your education or go for a loan, these aspects will have an impact on what universities you can select and what not. Based on your financial budget then you can look for colleges and universities which will be in your budget and then move ahead in the shortlisting process. One important aspect is the availability of scholarships. Look for universities that have multiple scholarships options.


Choose a country: 


Now that you know what you want to study and what you can afford to spend, you can start researching which countries are best suited for your needs. There are many aspects along with having quality educational institutions that you need to consider, such as, fee structures, scholarships, stay back options, language choices, culture, climate etc. Based on simple research you will be able to understand everything you need to know about a country which will help your process.


Check the international university rankings: 


Once you have chosen a country you can start looking at the university rankings. There are few things you can do here, first, you compare the universities with other universities within and then with universities in other countries. This will give a good idea about the quality of the university. You can also compare different research institutes’ rankings to understand how they rate universities. If a university name comes across in all the rankings, then you know that it is a good choice.


Talk to a consultant: 


This is where we come in, despite all the above-mentioned factors, some students still may find it hard and will have a dilemma when it comes to choosing or shortlisting a candidate. This is where we come in handy, our years of experience and our counsellors who have expertise in understanding the process will be a tremendous source of knowledge and information that will help you meet the best-fit university for yourself.


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