ScriptHow to Balance Your Study and Part Time Work? 6 Tips to be An Achiever in All Your Circles!
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30 Jan, 2020

How to Balance Your Study and Part Time Work? 6 Tips to be An Achiever in All Your Circles!

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How to Balance Your Study and Part Time Work? 6 Tips to be An Achiever in All Your Circles!

One of the biggest dilemma students face upon moving abroad is how to divide time between study and social life. It can sometimes be difficult to take on a part-time job while trying to finish your degree. Whether you need to work to pay the bills or you’re just looking for an extra job to save up for your day to day expenses, balancing school life with a job is not easy. You need to figure out your schedule, plan your shifts, maybe sometimes you have to say no to hanging out with your friends because you have a deadline. But how do you find this balance? Basically, it can be achieved with a bit of self-discipline and smart planning. Fortunately, there are useful tips you can use to find balance throughout your college life. Here are some of them:

1. Find a flexible job: One of the biggest advantages of working with flexible jobs is that you don’t need to worry about getting in trouble with your manager for requesting some time off to study for an exam. You decide when and where you want to work. In case of a busy week at school, squeeze few shifts on the weekends.

2. Organize and Prioritize: You should be honest with yourself – you’re not a superhuman to have time to do everything. Lay out priorities and organize your schedule in a meaningful way taking into consideration projects and assignments that are due in the short term. Spending time with classmates is essential. But you should be ready to miss a few parties to catch up on work or finally complete a research paper.

3. Avoid Procrastinations: If you want to balance your work and studies, avoid wasting time. Procrastination does not help in any sphere of your life and only adds on to your To Do List. Know how to say no to people or things that will distract your attention from more critical tasks. Avoid such time-killers as social media and video games. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t relax, but you must spend your time wisely.

4. To Multitask or Not: Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is not always a good thing. Try to minimize the distractions and focus on one thing at a time. It will be much more comfortable and much efficient. You can come up with a to-do list for each day or week and have clear goals. Once you complete one task, you can move on to the other.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help: Getting through your study program while working part time is a tedious task. Especially if your course consists a lot of hard to grasp concepts. Every stage demand's dedication and a high level of concentration. If you are pressed for time, ask your friends and/or professors for assistance.

6. Health is Wealth: Part time job while full time study is bound to bring you stress. However, the key is to manage the stress in a healthy manner despite the circumstances. Getting more sleep, taking regular breaks, going for walks, taking exercises and eating well – all these things will help you manage stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Always take out time to relax.


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