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10 must-know information for international students travelling to the UK about the Novel coronavirus pandemic

Saumya Singh      December 26, 2022

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This is a rapidly evolving situation with the global corona virus crises and it’s even more confusing and difficult time for international students, who are either about to start their studies or already studying in the UK universities.


As per the recent government advice, Universities and colleges will be converting to working more online but the staff will continue to work to support students. The advice is that all students international/domestic must check information on their respective institution’s websites and to keep in touch with academic and support staff. Alternatively, all the international students travelling to the UK for May 2020 or September 2020 intake can contact at or visit


Below are the top 10 must know information for the international students travelling to the UK.


1. If a student has already travelled to the UK for their study, then they must contact respective university or email at Almost all the universities will be initiating online learning.


2. If a student has been allocated a university managed room then the student can contact at to get further information on next steps. We are also working with our university partners to minimise the impact of this change as much as possible.


3. If a student has secured their own accommodation privately then they should contact their accommodation provider directly to seek advice. 


4. Accommodation and student services will continue to be available to help and assist international students in this difficult time. It’s vital that they keep their university/accommodation provider informed about their arrival, so that they help you with all the required local support.


5. If an international student wants to travel home the decision is entirely up to them.  However, they should be aware that they may face travel restrictions. 


6. If travelling outside the UK, please check the Foreign & Commonwealth (FCO) website for the latest travel advice.


7. If returning to the UK, please check the Public Health England (PHE) guidance.


8. Visa Regulations -


9. Many UKVI-approved English language test centres are closed. They are working on developing alternative online test formats. The Home Office is considering whether it will approve alternative ways of assessing the English language.


10. NHS treatment for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is free of charge for everyone. If the immigration health surcharge is paid and the immigration permission has not expired, the student can continue to be entitled to free NHS treatment for other illnesses and conditions.


a. Effect on Tier 4 visa if a student chooses not to travel - If a student has been issued a visa and decide not to travel, they must update their visa status with UK Visas and Immigration. Should they wish to defer their studies, they have to apply for a new visa as the current visa will not cover the full period of study for the next course. Please note: Deferring the studies will not impact any future visa application.


b. If the visa application outcome is pending then the student should contact the visa application centre to withdraw the visa application.


c. If the student is already in the UK, The home office has confirmed that most people in the UK whose immigration status is affected by the Coronavirus outbreak will get an automatic extension of their visa until 31 March 2020. Please refer to Home Office Guidance to find out if an individual visa will be automatically extended.  Please visit the UK Home Office dedicated helpline for more information. read more on travel restrictions ( link of travel restrictions article). 


For information about how to find help with healthcare at this time, see General support for international students and Health and healthcare. You can also get all the latest advice from the below links;


All the latest advice from the UK government.

Latest health advice and information from Public Health England.

Latest health advice from Public Health Wales.

Latest health advice from Northern Ireland.

Latest health advice from Public Health Scotland.

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Saumya Singh

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