ScriptWhat does a University Ranking mean?
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30 Jan, 2020

What does a University Ranking mean?

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What does a University Ranking mean?

If you are a student looking to study abroad then the obvious question that would rise in your mind is to understand where to study. Once the country is figured out then the next question will be how I know which the best fit university would be. Every student would want quality education at an affordable price and that is where the university rankings become very important and helpful.

University rankings is all about analysing every aspect of universities from the quality of education, the programs that are offered, the teaching methods and standards, the care for international students, the fee structure and many more. There are many organisations which are dedicated to research about the above-mentioned aspects and provide a clear-cut explanation as to how one university will be better than the other or simply why one is rated above the other.

One of the leading institutions which has been a great source of information when it comes to university ranking is Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Every year they keep adding more countries and universities and analyse them by conducting research. They speak to all the stakeholders at the universities to determine the outcome. The key factors that are considered in the research are Teaching, Research, Citations (research influence), Industry Income and International Outlook.

Having a clear understanding of the university ranking is very essential, because students will not only be spending their hard-earned money but also will be depending on these universities to get quality education which will help them progress in their life.

Many students may wonder if the quality of education in a country is generally high, does that still make it necessary to worry about the ranking of the universities. It is true that many European and western countries in general take pride in the fact that they provide high quality education. However, it is also true that high quality education is not the only factor that the students must consider before choosing a university. This is where ranking becomes important as it looks at all the other important aspects such as teaching methodology, campus placements, cultural aspects and many more in deciding the ranking of a university. Students will benefit if they take time to look up university rankings from prestigious institutes such as Times.

There are many institutions which have their own methodology to determine the rankings of the university. This could create confusion amongst the students because then they will be in a dilemma as to which rankings they should go by. The best way to make use of rankings would be to take the expertise of your counsellors. They will have the knowledge about rankings and can collect and segregate the experience of the international students which would paint a better picture about the universities as compared to simply looking at their rankings. At the end of the day good ranking doesn’t mean that it will be able to fulfil all your needs, but it gives a clear indication about what people like about a university.


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