ScriptHow to prepare for different language tests?
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30 Jan, 2020

How to prepare for different language tests?

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How to prepare for different language tests?

Even though different English language tests have different format, at the end of the day they are all designed to serve one purpose, to evaluate your English language proficiency. This would mean that more or less the preparation for these tests will follow the same path irrespective of which exam you take.


1. Know your requirement:

It is important to know what score you need. This can be determined by researching about universities that you would be interested in and the course that you are planning to take. Knowing the minimum score will give you an idea to evaluate your current proficiency and then know how much you need to improve and what aspects you need to change. Once you know the minimum score you need, it will help you to look at the test objectively and helps you to make sure that you don’t become overconfident or be afraid of taking the tests.

2. Go for coaching:

As much as we could suggest you read online material and ask help from your teachers, colleagues and family members the best way to help yourself is taking coaching classes. There are trained professionals who can assess your abilities and help you identify the areas that you need to improve. Coaching doesn’t have to be in coaching centres alone there are many online coaching options available too. The websites such as Udemy for example can be a very good place to learn as the coaches usually take time interacting one on one even after you have finished the online course. There are many videos on YouTube and social media websites such as Facebook which can be good alternatives for paid coaching.

3. Take online tests:

It is one thing to use English in college or at work, it is also very important that you make English part of your everyday routine. This means that you make it a habit to communicate in English with your family and friends as often if not all time. There are many forms of online tests, practice tests, previous tests questions that you can answer and see where you are placed, the areas that you need to improve and what are the areas that you need to concentrate on. It is no use doing it once in a while, it is important to practice all the time till you take the exams. This helps you to add newer words to your vocabulary and give you that fluency which is very important when it comes to scoring high.

4. Practice timed writing:

It is one thing to write something and check for the inaccuracies and correct them, however, you need to create an exam like scenario for yourself to make sure that you are ready for the exam. This means timing your writing part is very important, when you practice against the clock that would give a better understanding about how well you do when there is a time limit. You can work on the areas that you need to increase speed, check your grammar and make sure that you have answered the questions to the point to save time and make it clear.


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